Vans x One Piece Collection: Shoes and Clothing Inspired by Eiichiro Oda’s Legendary Manga, Launch and Price in Mexico

The Vans x One Piece collection arrives in Mexico. After advances the last monththe collaboration of Vans and One Piece is finally on sale in Mexico and international marketslike the United States and Spain.

The collaboration between Vans and One Piece, as other collectionsis composed not only of various models of tennis but also clothing and accessoriesinspired by Eiichiro Oda’s manga, which in 2022 celebrates 25 years of serialization since its first publication in 1997.

The One Piece exists!

The Vans x One Piece collection is available in Mexico from November 11, in physical Vans stores and vans online. The products of the collaboration are:

Vans Classics SK8-Hi with Straw Hat crew print. It has details of Punk Hazard Island being split into fire and ice after the fight between Akainu and Aokiji. Its price is 2,199 pesos.

Vans One Piece Mexico Collection Release Models Tennis Price

Vans Classics Old Skool with three devil fruits: Mera Mera, Gomu Gomu and Yami Yami. On the back of the heel are details that say “Devil” on the left and “Fruit” on the right. Its price is 2,099 pesos.

Vans One Piece Collection Mexico Release Price Models Tennis

Vans Skate Old Skool inspired by Nico Robin with purple color combination on the body of the shoe and black on the sole. Robin’s Wanted banner is printed on both sides of the shoes, and the back has a “Wanted” detail and the Jolly Roger of the Mugiwaras. Its price is 2,399 pesos.

Vans One Piece Collection Tennis Models Price Mexico

Nami-inspired SK8-Hi

Other footwear models in the collection are SK8-Hi and Old Skool models inspired by Nami and the Jolly Rogers of each of the crew members, respectively.

However, these models are not available in the Vans Mexico store at the time of writing this publication.

Vans One Piece Tennis Collection Price Mexico

Old Skool with the pirate flags of each of the characters

On the other hand, there is the clothing and accessories from the Vans x One Piece collection. There is a matching shirt with Robin’s sneakers (1,199 pesos), Luffy kids t-shirt (599 pesos), a Chopper-inspired t-shirt designed by Japanese artist Cookie! (899 pesos), and adult Luffy t-shirt (799 pesos)

Vans One Piece Collection Clothing Price Mexico

Vans One Piece T-Shirt Collection Mexico Price

Other items in the collection are Nami’s hoodie (1,999 pesos) to match your footwear, Brook Long Sleeve T-Shirt (899 pesos), Zoro hoodie (1,599 pesos), and a Chopper hoodie also with an illustration of Cookie! (1,999 pesos).

Vans One Piece Brook Long Sleeve Shirt Collection Release Price Mexico

Vans One Piece Hoodie Nami Collection Launch Price Mexico

Vans x One Piece accessories include an assortment of black backpacks featuring all the characters’ pirate flags (999 pesos), long socks with print of the pirate flag of the Straw Hat crew (399 pesos), Zoro and Luffy hats (799 pesos each).

Vans One Piece Accessories Backpack Collection Mexico Launch Price

Vans One Piece Collection Accessories Cap Mexico Launch Price

The Vans x One Piece collection is now available at physical Vans stores and online, although there appears to be an intermittent availability of certain products at the latter.

It is important to mention that this is not the first time that Vans has collaborated with important popular culture series, for example, it recently released a stranger things collection who also came to Mexico to celebrate the premiere of the fourth season.

One Piece celebrates 25 years of publication of its manga, so in 2022 the celebration of the work of Eiichiro Oda and the fans who follow it has manifested itself in various ways, one of them this collection, and including the premiere of the film number 15 of the saga, One Piece Film: Red.