Vans X One Piece: the collection that appeals to the power of friendship

In addition to its classic and iconic models, Vans has stood out in the market for its great collaborations, among which Sailor Moon and Stranger stand out. […]

In addition to its classic and iconic models, Van’s has stood out in the market for its great collaborations, among which stand out sailor Moon Y stranger things. This time he presents Vans X One Piece, its new clothing and footwear collection, from the hand of the famous Japanese manga. Its objective is to show and remember the power of friendship Here we tell you the details:

Vans X One Piece, a tribute to the power of friendship

Vans is a Californian brand of sneakers who has stood out for his inclination towards action sports such as skateboarding. However, he has also made a great commitment to get closer to the pop culture and today he reaffirms it with his new collaboration Vans X One Piece.

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one piece is a japanese anime series which gained considerable relevance in the country in recent months, thanks to its return to open television and the premiere of its new film Film Red.

The collection follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew to find the One Piece. In each piece, fans will be able to find and remember their favorite moments from the anime as it is made up of:

  • the classic Sk8-Hi Punk Hazardwhose 360 ​​graphic on its silhouette recalls the epic fight between Admirals Aokiji and Akainu, which caused the division of Punk Hazard Island.
  • the classic old skoolfeaturing the infamous Devil Fruits.
  • the Authentic modelinspired by the American nautical style and a jute fabric in homage to Luffy’s straw hat.


The silhouettes designed for skateboarding could not be left behind either, that is why we also find the models Skate Sk8-Hi and Old Skool. The first of them will look orange and will be accompanied by a design inspired by the iconic “Wanted” posters of Nami the Cat Thief; the seconds will be presented in purple and will carry the figure of Nico Robin, the demon girl.



The new collaboration between Vans and One Piece also includes a couple of garments designed by the japanese Artist Cookie!, whose objective is to pay homage to the spirit “Off-the-Wall” Of the brand. These are: a T-shirt and a sweatshirt with a Chopper print.

Finally, fans will be able to find different accessories such as backpacks, socks and caps inspired by the characters: Roronoa Zoro, Luffy, Brook and the rest of the crew.