Vans x One Piece: when will Luffy’s sneakers come out

Yohohoho! After many adventures in search of the legendary One Piece (the treasure left by the Pirate King Gol D. Roger) Vans brings us the entire crew of Monkey D. Luffy in a new collection of sneakers.

One Piece began as a manga created by the Japanese Eiichiro Oda in 1997, which was published weekly in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Definitely, is one of the longest running manga with more than 1000 anime chapters (which you can see on Netflix with a dubbing that caused annoyance to the fans) and 102 published volumes.

Now, after 25 years, the anime is entering its final arc and we are also waiting for the premiere of the movie One Piece Film: Red in Latin America. For all these important dates, the well-known sneaker brand brings us a collection full of emblematic elements of our favorite pirates.

Although this is not the first time that One Piece is associated with a brand to bring out tennissince previously some Kappa and PUMA models came out.

puma one piece cell endura wag1mag
This was the model that PUMA launched inspired by the manga created by the Japanese Eiichiro Oda / Photo: Puma

All the details of the Straw Hat turned into sneakers

What is the item that Monkey D. Luffy treasures the most? Without a doubt his Straw Hat, who has always been with Luffy since he was a child. We must remember that this element was given to him by Shanks -who was very fond of the hat- at the tender age of 7 years with the promise that he would return it to him when he became a great pirate.

So, based on this hat, Vans created these sneakers with the Authentics silhouette, inspired by the future pirate king. That is why in the One Piece X Vans Authentic model we can observe the characteristic weave of the straw and of course, also its color.

one piece vans authentic
From the fabric to the skulls of Luffy’s nakamas, this is the One Piece X Vans Authentic / Photo: Vans

We can see the happy rogers or pirate skulls of each of the crew members who gradually followed Luffy to achieve his dream. That is how we can see the ten members whose rewards add up to a total of 8,816,001,000 Belly: From Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, Brook, and to the newest Jinbe and Nefertari Viri.

Another important detail of this model is that we have a Compass Rose on the tongue, since without a doubt, a pirate will not be able to cross the seas without a good orientation. Although, this time the classic directions in which the circumference of the horizon is divided, better known as east, west, north and south, were substituted; by Vans lettering.

one piece vans authentic 4
The Compass Rose comes with the word ‘Vans’ on the tongue / Photo: Vans.

And, to top it off, the shoelaces were exchanged for string laces that simulate the ropes that abound in ships. The insoles are a light blue color with the Vans logo and the waffle outsole comes in red.

It should be clarified that the photos are not the official ones, but several photos have been leaked on the internet for a few days.

one piece vans authentic5
Even the One Piece tennis box is adorned with motifs from the manga / Photo: Vans

When will the One Piece collection arrive in Mexico?

Until now, There is only a release date for the United States on November 11. But after seeing the euphoria that we experienced with the collection that they sold of the heroine of the 90s, Sailor Moon -which literally flew off the shelves and many were left without their pair of sneakers- it is very likely that the brand will decide to bring them to our country. .

Therefore, the best thing is that they are on the lookout for Gunpowder to bring them the notice When and how much will this cool Vans model arrive in Mexico (and they can also be checking the Vans page). It is worth mentioning that in the neighboring country to the north they are at $90 dollars (about $1800 pesos).