Viral: A girl received a rooster as a Christmas present and now sleeps with the little bird

A young woman received a rooster as a gift in the Christmas exchange she did with her friends, so the video became viral on the platform of TikTok. Although she was initially stunned by the bird, she grew to care for it.

The viral TikTok video

For a few days, a viral video of TikTok It has given something to talk about, when a boy shared the gift that he had given to his friend. According to what is heard in the clip, they had exchanged gifts with their friends, although the particular gift of the bird was the highlight.

The young woman never imagined that a rooster would be her Christmas present in exchange with her friends, but she ended up accepting the bird with affection. According to the images of the viral video uploaded to TikTokthe young woman arrived at the Christmas exchange meeting, without having the slightest idea.

However, when the young woman observed that the rooster was her Christmas present, she repeatedly mentioned: “It was just a TikTok wey.” Evidently the fact caused the laughter of the assistants and they recorded the corresponding video, which became viral shortly after.

“He never imagined what his Christmas exchange gift would be,” mention in the video description viral. Her young lady’s friends joked with her, mentioning that her cock could now wake her up in the morning.

The reactions of the video

So far, the video viral already exceeded 2.2 million reproductions in TikTok and the user who published the content is: @jousinpalafox. Here are some of the most notable comments:

  • “You won’t need an alarm.”

  • “✨What am I going to be with a rooster✨😂 Haa Ameeeeee.”

  • “Wey I loved your cup.”😂

  • “I just saw your girl’s TikTok.”😂

  • “I would like the same gift.”

  • “He shone buddy.”😁

  • “I do want the exchange.”

  • “Oww, but since she doesn’t make him ugly and grabs him with affection.” 🥰

  • “We want more videos of the rooster.”😂

  • “Weeeey 😂 I do stay with Philomeno.”



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