Vlada makes us fall in love with her Nico Robin cosplay from One Piece

Definitely, one piece is one of the most famous manga in history and, over more than twenty years, has managed to win millions of fans around the world. All thanks to the touch of master Eiichirō Oda, who over time has made his fans fond of Luffy’s pirate adventures and many other great characters, such as Nico Robin.

For this reason, today we bring you this beautiful cosplay of Nico Robin full of charm and made by the beautiful Vlada Lutsack. Nico Robin needs little introduction if you have seen the anime of one piece or you have read the manga at least once.

She is one of the most senior members of the Straw Hat crew and, after eating the Fior Fior devil fruit, has gained the ability to create unlimited copies of her body parts on any surface, which she uses to immobilize subdue and disarm their adversaries.

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The cosplay created by Vlada Lutsack plays the version of Nico Robin which occurs after the time jump of one piece, in an outfit that includes a pink sarong at the waist, a blue leather jacket, sunglasses, and high heels. The cosplay, as we can see in the images, is simple but charming, as well as very faithful to the original character.

And the beauty of Vlada Lutask helps a lot when creating this beautiful cosplaybecause its silhouette is similar to that of its own Nico Robinwith a long and slender figure, which makes her interpretation even more convincing, and apparently, her followers are very much in agreement, as they are delighted with Nico’s cosplay by the beautiful Vlada.

If you liked this great cosplay, don’t hesitate to take a look at Vlada’s social networks, as you will find endless great interpretations of other beloved characters, from anime and manga, to video games and movies, so don’t waste time and visit his Instagram.