Wado Ichimonji will become the best White Blade at the end of the series!

First of all, Shimotsuki Kozaburo states in Chapter 1033 that Enma is the sword he considers his magnum opus. And yet he left him behind in Wano and brought Wado Ichimonji instead when he left the country over 50 years ago. Did Enma have a worthy carrier in Wano at that time? Maybe Enma suited Wano’s fierce warrior spirit of that time better, and Wado Ichimonji didn’t? Did Kozaburo personally handle the Wado during his younger years? We probably won’t know the answer to these questions for a while, but the fact is that there had to be a reason why Kozaburo specifically took this sword, and not his deadliest creation, to sea (and most low as well).

Second, Wado Ichimonji seems to contradict Kozaburo’s philosophy of what constitutes a good sword. (Which further adds to the question, why is this the sword he brought to sea, and if he personally wielded it, why wield a sword that does not represent your own beliefs). He believes that swords are made to take as many lives as possible, and that famous blades are temperamental because they have the will to accomplish this goal.

shimotsuki kozaburo and zoro

And yet, Wado showed no temper throughout the series, so much so that even children like Kuina and Zoro could wield her, and Kuina was meant to be his future wielder despite the family’s belief that her gender made her weak (and that a “weak” swordsman would have been vulnerable to a “cursed blade”). A famous sword, made by a person who thought swords were made for killing, ended up being passed down to Koshirou, whose philosophy on swordsmanship is completely opposite to his father’s, and became the his family’s legacy. Oda must have made this choice deliberately.


Third, we haven’t seen anything of Wado’s personality yet, although he’s been with Zoro the longest, but the only significant moment in the series that Zoro has with Wado is when he first uses the Shishi Sonson; when Zoro was on the verge of death and in a state of absolute tranquility (so much so that he unknowingly used Observation Haki and Ryuo). This moment of tranquility is when Zoro was finally able to understand and put into practice Koshirou’s philosophy on swordsmanship. (“protect what you must protect, only cut what you must cut”), and he specifically used Wado Ichimonji to practice what he learned. We saw later in the series that Zoro also uses Shishi Sonson along with Sandai Kitetsu, but for this very important character-defining moment, Zoro used Wado, a white sword passed down to him by the person who taught him the true swordsmanship. Seems like a deliberate choice, and a good base for development if Oda intends to explore Wado’s personality further (meaning he also deliberately hid Wado’s personality to save it for the end of the story). character arc of Zoro).

Zoro and sword

We are aware that this conclusion will seem very personal, but these three dots seem to portray Wado Ichimonji as the polar opposite of Enma : a sword of grace and tranquility, brought to the sea by Kozaburo because he needed to find someone with the right philosophy to wield it; a sword whose only significant moment in the series so far was a moment of inner peace. We almost have the impression that Wado is the true counterpart of Enma, and not of Ame no Habakiri. If our speculation on Wado’s personality is correct, then Zoro’s current line of swords would be a perfect reflection of his background as a swordsman.

Zoro learned to have a relationship of trust and respect with his blades thanks to Kitetsu, and he is currently learning to always fight back to full strength (even at the risk of sacrificing his own life) thanks to Enma. We believe his final challenge as a swordsman will be with Wado Ichimonji: relearning Koshirou’s philosophy of calming his heart, controlling when to cut, and using the will to protect (not bloodlust) as motivation to win. A perfect character arc for battling the world’s greatest swordsman… or an invisible, cunning murderer who needs inner peace to be defeated.

It seems to us that when the time comes, and Wado’s personality finally awakens to choose Zoro as his worthy wielder, Wado will become infused with white Haki instead of black, which would be a beautiful symbol of the inner balance of Zoro and his fulfillment as a swordsman, as well as the purity of his promise to Kuina and his eventual fulfillment. And that would be something Mihawk had never achieved, the ultimate proof that Zoro had finally surpassed him.