Wano Kuni Arc Ending And Luffy’s Promise Revealed In One Piece Chapter 1057

As (almost) each week, a chapter of One Piece fate, for our greatest happiness. Here are the first clues about Chapter 1057from the manga with the end of the Wano Kuni arc and Luffy’s promise. We detail everything.

For several hours, on the Internet, information has been circulating about chapter 1057 of One Piece. According to several sources and thanks to leaks, it is possible to say that this chapter will once again be full of twists and crucial information on the rest of the work. So if you are not up to date in the manga, go your way!

Luffy’s Promise to Yamato

That’s it, the Wano Kuni arc is officially coming to an end. Luffy and his companions leave the flower capital and bid farewell to the samurai. Upon returning to the Sunny, Luffy promises Kin’emon, Momonosuke, and Yamato that he will pick them up when they want to set sail. Yamato, who had declared herself a new mugiwara, finally decides to explore the land of the Wa, as Oden did before her. When she has explored the vast regions of her lands, she will join Luffy in his adventures towards the One Piece.

As a gift, Luffy offers his flag to Momonosuke so that he hangs it up and potential enemies turn up when they see the crest of the Emperor of the Seas. Thus, Luffy gains a new territory under his protection, after the island of the fishmen, Dressrosa and now, Wano Kuni. A further demonstration of his strength and influence in the new world.

The official end of the Wano Kuni arc

Eiichiro Oda confirms in this chapter 1057 that phase 3 of Wano Kuni is over and therefore, that the arc ends with the victory of the alliance against Kaido and Big Mom. Luffy therefore sets sail at the same time as Kid and Law. At the port of Tokage, the captain of the Hearts Pirates tells him that when they see each other, they will be adversaries and will fight to the death to become the Pirate King.

The Mugiwaras therefore leave for a new island, in search of adventure. Elfa, the land of giants, could be the future destination of our favorite heroes. Unless a powerful new antagonist emerges and disrupts Luffy’s ambitions. The answer will be known in the next chapters.