Watch out for the spoiler of this cult manga in the metro!

news culture Watch out for the spoiler of this cult manga in the metro!

This is called a big, even a huge dumpling. Parisian fans who have been following One Piece for years have just been spoiled in force… by the RATP. Imagine that you take public transport and that you come across a poster that reveals an important screenplay of a work. It sounds grotesque, but that’s what happened to dozens of followers of the One Piece anime.

Anger rises. One Piece fans prefer to follow the manga rather than waiting for the new anime episode. In this way, they are aware of the events of the story long before those who opt for the anime. The problem is that it is sometimes very difficult to keep entire screenplay sections secret when the series in question is 25 years old. There are countless people who, through the networks, have been spoiled for the founding events of Dragon Ball or Naruto. And when that happens, it totally ruins the experience! When we launch the film Titanic, we suspect that the liner will sink, but we would not like to learn the sequence of events before discovering the feature film. In short, whatever the target work, it’s infuriating! Also, one can imagine the anger of the regulars of the One Piece anime when taking public transport…

The RATP blunder, One Piece fans firecracker

So what happened to provoke the ire of One Piece anime followers? It’s simple. You have to imagine them coming face to face with a poster revealing an important evolution of one of the characters in the work. A bit as if a reader of the first volumes of Dragon Ball finds himself faced with a merger, of the Gotenks (or Gotrunks) type for example. Admit that there is reason to be disappointed!

For those who want to know more.

While going to take their metro, fans of the One Piece anime (who do not know the events of the last volumes of the manga) were surprised to almost discover Luffy’s Gear 5. To top it off, a video shows what happens during one of the story arcs! And what had to happen happened…

The saddest thing in the story, beyond this dumpling, is that spreading the information on social networks created even more confusion since One Piece fans from all over France got spoiled . Beyond that, some fans who never go on social networks have therefore discovered this important part of the story by going to work and in progress. Not a great way to start the day…

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