We explain the misunderstanding on the assertion that Pudding makes on Big Mom!

In Chapter 1064 we see that Pudding is held captive on one of the Blackbeard Pirates’ ships. Pudding tells the grunts that if Big Mom was still alive they wouldn’t act so arrogant, but they tell her that she’s dead and they’re fighting her killer, which means the new era is forever. In progress.

Does that mean Big Mom is dead? Not exactly. Back to the Germa cover story:

The first cover shows Germa leaving a smoke-filled clinic, in the next chapter we see Judge sighing.

Germa 66 one piece

It’s right after the end of the Whole Cake arc and they’re close to the island, obviously there’s a bit of time between the end of the arc and the start of the cover story since we let’s see Big Mom came back after eating the cake and beating the Vinsmoke brothers but it’s a day or two at most seeing how hard Cracker/Katakuri are.

manga one piece

Oven takes the brothers to Whole Cake through mirrors, while Kuzan and Augur invade Cocoa Island and then kidnap Pudding.

Blackbeard Pudding and Crew

It can be assumed that the transport of the brothers, the release of Ichiji/Reiju who are close to Whole Cake and the kidnapping take place in the same day.

So overall, between the end of Whole Cake Island and the kidnapping, less than 3 days passed, let’s say 5 to be generous.

How does that matter to what Pudding says about Big Mom? She has no way of knowing Big Mom’s condition on her own.

Big Mom’s children are not allowed to wear any part of her life card.

one piece manga

Exceptions to this rule are Lola, a runaway whom Big Mom no longer considers her child, and Perospero, who appears to be the ship’s second-in-command at this time.


The exception makes the rule, and so far we’ve seen two out of 85 kids wear one outside of Totto Land, no one had one inside.

Pudding, the 76th child, has no real command within the crew and his importance in general seems rather low compared to that of his siblings. Her eye is literally the only thing that gives her any importance and presumably she doesn’t have a Live card on her.

In conclusion, Pudding doesn’t have a Live card on her and her abduction took place long before Big Mom was defeated, which occurred two weeks after the Straw Hat arrived in Wanoso all of its information comes from the logs.

As far as readers go, Big Mom’s condition hasn’t changed. She is still unknown.