We review what happened in chapter 1064 of the One Piece manga

It’s already Sunday, and what do we want on Sundays?: new manga chapter One Piece, this time 1064: Egghead’s lab floor! One more time in super-fiction We review everything that happened in the popular work of Eiichiro Oda. Let us remember that there is only one more chapter left before the premiere of One Piece Film Red in Spain, so the best way to kill those nerves is by devouring the pages of the manga.

Last week we found out how bonney confessed to Luffy and company that kuma it was his father, so he prayed that the pacifist who appeared on the scene would not be harmed. Although of course, that pacifist is not really his father. On the other hand, we remain at the gates of a colossal battle between kurohige Y Law for all the Poneglyph. So that: What has happened in this chapter 1064 of the manga of one piece? We won’t make you wait any longer, we’ll tell you:

Battle to the death for the Poneglyphs

Let’s go straight to the battle between kurohige Y Law. The second seems not to shrink against blackbeard. What’s more, he even seems to have a fairly clear idea of ​​what to do and what not to do. That said, his strategy seems to be to divide his subordinates, so he orders sachi Y Penguin to go to the sea with him polar tang where they will be stronger than the rivals as they are all users of some fruit. And without wasting another second, Law launches an attack that cuts the horse in two stronger. serious topic.

This attack automatically causes kurohige You realize you’ve underestimated the crew, but maybe it’s too late. sachiwho seems to behave like an orca (although without powers of akuma no mi through), launches constant attacks against those of kurohigeespecially against Doc Qwhich was throwing grenade apples. sachi reiterates that they will always have an advantage at sea.

Van Augur try to seize the opportunity and attack from behind Lawbut jean bart It acts as a shield and protects it. Moment that takes advantage of the good of Trafalgar To trow an attack with which he manages to pierce through kurohige of a sword. Augur suggest withdrawal, but blackbeard refuses and stands in front of Law. In the sea the situation is not better. the ship of kurohige does not stop being attacked by those of Law. Inside is imprisoned pudding.

Let us remember that the daughter of Big Mom, was one of the strengths of the former yonko to get hold of them Poneglyphs. After her death (wait a minute, she guessed, but it seems to be official since she passed away), those of kurohige They did not hesitate for a moment to get hold of her. They tell her that the one outside fighting is the man who murdered her mother. How will all these plot lines converge? We will know soon.

law attacking

Egghead: Future… and present

Winner Island of The new World. Over there Akainu is informed about the battle that is taking place between kurohige Y Law.
The boss hates not being able to intervene until the end due to his status as Fleet Admiral. we return to island Egg headthere the pacifist is still looking for Luffy and company. And we are very afraid that it will be difficult for her to find them, and that is bonney changed the age of all of them, for example, converting to Luffy in a 70-year-old man Jinbe in a kid Who wouldn’t want that power in real life?

Already hidden, they talk about how in reality the pacifist is not really kumabut a clone. moment that seizes Jinbe to tell that, from what he had understood, kuma he was an evil king sorbet kingdom. That his people rose up and then went to sea as a pirate to later enlist in the Revolutionary Army. He was later captured by the Marine and sentenced to life imprisonment, but Vegapunk was so impressed by its strength, that he subjected it to modifications and returned it to the sea, already as Shichibukai.

“What kinds of crimes did Kuma have to commit to be sentenced to life in prison?” wonders Jinbe just like all of us. bonney, poisoned by the story, breaks out in rage and argues that her father was not a bad person and that, even so, that would not be an excuse to be subjected to experiments and later killed. As someone who does not want the thing, she also comments that Vegapunk seems to be of a special breed. Are there still races to discover in the work or will it be some race that we already know?

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Vegapunk Lilith

Let’s go now with the other group. The Vega Force 01 takes them all in flight thanks to an antigravity system that everyone freaks out (and Frankie, take good note for sure). Over there Vegapunk Lilith formally introduces island Egg head to the protagonists who, obviously, freak out even more. He tells them that the laboratory floor is at the top and the manufacturing plant is at the bottom. zoro Y Brook They decide to stay on the ship, they don’t trust anything there. They will surely do well.

As they move forward, they verify that the ground is made of clouds just as in skype. Vegapunk Lilith it effectively confirms that they managed to replicate the floor effect of the sky islands. Everyone prepares to go up to the laboratory floor, but not before putting on their clothes and shoes for the occasion. It seems that we already have clothes for the saga. But before finishing, we go to a room where we see Vegapunk (one of them) tell someone, that as a genius, he knows that his death is very close. That someone to whom he makes the confession is none other than Dragon. What happens here?

And so far chapter 1064 of the manga one piece. And you, what did you think? will he really be able Law to beat kurohige? what the hell do Vegapunk Y Dragon talking? Remember that, as always, you can tell us your impressions and theories in our account. Twitter.

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