Weekly Shonen Jump TOC #35 2022 – Ramen For Two

Weekly Shonen Jump TOC #35 2022

This Monday is officially put on sale number 35 this year’s magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. the weekly of Shueisha bring in front page a one piece to celebrate the theatrical release on August 6 of the film One Piece Film RED. In addition, the new chapter of the series contains color main pages.

This issue of the magazine brings two important novelties. The first of these is the return from black clover after three months of hiatus, in which Yuki Tabata has been preparing the start of the end arc. The second novelty is that Ruri Dragonwhich had a break last week, enters indefinite pause due to health problems Masaoki Shindohis actor.

When it comes to popularity ranking, Sakamoto Days occupies the first place. follow him jujutsu kaisenreturning from his break last week, and Akane Banashiin second and third position, respectively. ALIENS AREAwhich debuted last week in the ranking in ninth place, falls to the last three positions.

On the other hand, this number Weekly Shonen Jump brings in its pages the one shot titled Reibaishi no Shinrigaku. It is written and illustrated by Tatsuki Sakurai and has color pages.

Finally, the preview of the next issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump reveals that the magazine will bring in front page a Sakamoto Days. Also, Kochikame returns with a special chapter and fugitive hero will have a new chapter after its break this week.

Then we leave you with the complete ranking:

one piece (Cover. Main pages in color)
1. Sakamoto Days
two. jujutsu kaisen
3. Akane Banashi
Four. My Hero Academia
black clover (Color pages. Return after three months of hiatus)
6. Me & Roboco
Reibaishi no Shinrigaku (One-shot. Color pages)
7. the blue box
The Yozakura Family Mission (color pages)
8. Undead Unluck
eleven. super-smartphone
12. Kokousei Kazōku
14. Earthchild
fifteen. dorondororon

*Series containing color pages are not included in the weekly ranking

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