We’ve ranked the One Piece sagas from best to best

One Pieceit is also 31 narrative arcs gathered in nine sagas that we have decided today to classify somehow from the best to the most perfect.

9. Fish-Man Island Saga

Arcs concerned: Return to Sabaody, Fish-Man Island

Last in the ranking, this saga marvelously introduces the Mugiwara after the timeskip, and their adventure on the island makes us discover their new power. Alas, its climax does not manage to equal those of the other sagas, surely because of a too weak Hody Jones and much too strong Mugiwara.

Why we love this saga: the false Mugiwara who look like nothing, Jinbei, the revelation of the identity of Poseidon, and Hody Jones who is made vicos by Zoro then Luffy.

8. Thriller Bark Saga

Arc concerned: Thriller Bark

Thriller Bark has many qualities, but its biggest flaw is its length. Only five volumes to discover a place, introduce characters, a plot and a villain. Even if Gecko Moria and Oz do the job, it’s not enough to move up the rankings.

Why we love this saga: Nightmare Luffy, Pirate Docking Six Robot Giant Big Emperor, Sogeking’s return to defeat Perona, Zoro vs Ryuma duel, and his sacrifice to Kuma.

7. East Blue Saga

Arcs concerned: Romance Dawn, Orange Village, Syrup Village, Baratie, Arlong Park, Loguetown

East Blue is a series of small adventures allowing Luffy to create his crew. The band rubs shoulders with the scum of East Blue, we shed a tear in front of Nami’s distress, and after 12 volumes, we appreciate the 30 million bonus and the jump into the big bath that is Grand Line.

Why we love this saga: Jango the hypnotist’s dance, Zoro’s promise to Luffy, the epic march to Arlong Park to kill fish, and Gaimon the boss you know.

6. Skypiea Saga

Arcs concerned: Jaya, Skypiea

Skypiea only lasts two arcs, or nine volumes. Skypiea is a forgotten adventure that no One Piece government will ever hear of. Skypiea is just a crew of pirates who travel to the sky to meet goatmen and fight on a cloud with the God of Lightning and his priests. Skypiea is a legend that may have a link with One Piece. And it’s really good.

Why we love this saga: Bellamy burst in one fell swoop, the dials, the mantra, the whole tragic story of the Celestial Island, Roger’s message on the Poneglyph, the manga’s first battle royale, and Enel’s omnipotence undermined by a rubber kid.

5. Alabasta Saga

Arcs concerned: Reverse Mountain, Whiskey Peak, Little Garden, Drum Island, Alabasta

The second saga of One Piece does us the honor of an admirable script construction, with a finely brought villain, whose power and threat only grow over the arcs, and a dismantled conspiracy to save a kingdom from the hands of a Shichibukai with the voice so soft.

Why we love this saga: Laboon, the Zoro vs Luffy duel, Chopper’s flashback, Mr Prince, Miss Merry Christmas fighter plane, the existence of the Poneglyphs, Zoro who slices steel, Luffy who saves Nico Robin, Crocodile who defeats Luffy twice , and the crew’s moving farewell to Vivi.

4. Dressrosa Saga

Arcs concerned: Punk Hazard, Dressrosa

You might think that Dressrosa is just an intro to the Four Emperors saga, but nope. The saga begins with an unlikely alliance, and as with Alabasta, we’re deftly introduced to the manga’s best villain to date: Don Quixote Doflamingo. OK, Dofla’s lieutenants pale in comparison to the Mugi, but the final fight in the Bird Cage deserves to be in a museum.

Why we love this saga: Law cutting a building in two, the Law/Luffy alliance, Law’s flashback, the Corrida Colosseum, the return of Sabo, Franky vs. Señor Pink, the people regaining their memories, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet , Dofla’s Fruit Awakening, Gear 4 finally revealed, and God Usopp, Dressrosa’s GOAT.

3. Four Emperors Saga


Arcs concerned: Zo, Whole Cake Island, Reverie, Wano Kuni

There is a lot to say about the longest saga of One Piece (more than 20 volumes). Even though she starts softly on an elephant with the Minks, she follows us directly with the arc Whole Cake, or go ahead it hopes to defeat Big Mom but in fact no because she is far too strong so let’s just save Sanji, steal the Rio Poneglyph, and give readers the most complete fight in the work with Katakuri vs Luffy.

Follows the Quiet Reverie, then Wano Kuni, arc still in progress, where Kaido enters through the front door in the top 3 villains. Wano Kuni signs here the best of what is done in One Piecebut alas, must bend the knee in front of the first two in the standings.

Why we love this saga: Zunesha, the Vinsmokes, Brook the MVP of Whole Cake, Luffy against all the crew of Big Mom, Katakuri, the design of the Mugi in Wano, Yamato too stylish, Zoro who obtains Enma, the power-up of Sanji, the flash- back of Oden, the huge battle of Onigashima, the Haki of the Kings of Roronoa, and I can’t say anything for those who follow the French release and the anime, but you’re not ready for the ultimate reveal of this saga.

2. War to the Top Saga


Arcs concerned: Sabaody, Amazon Lily, Impel Down, Marine Ford, Post-War

Sabaody shows us the Mugiwara’s first failure, Amazon Lily introduces us to Luffy’s zouz, and Impel Down plunges us into a race against time against an invincible adversary: ​​Magellan. But the real strength of this saga is the Marine Ford arc, with its share of MVPs present on the scene. I’m not quoting them, you know them all, but Marine Ford remains a peak never equaled in terms of intensity in One Piece, culminating in the death of Ace. I don’t think there is a manga that has managed to top a first-part ending like Oda did.

Why we love this saga: the Supernovas, Kizaru, Rayleigh, the loss of Mugi, Boa Hancock, the Luffy/Crocodile alliance, the sacrifice of Bon Clay, the power of Whitebeard, Admirals, Mihawk, the choice of Garp, the death of Ace , Luffy’s distress, Blackbeard’s plan, Whitebeard’s death, Shanks’ appearance, and the launch of the timeskip. Everything, in fact.

1. Water Seven Saga


Arcs concerned: Long Ring Long Land, Water Seven, Enies Lobby, Post-Enies Lobby

She is the ultimate saga of One Piece, the one that brings together all the possible and imaginable emotions that can be felt in a manga. Foxy the Fox and the Davy Back Fight open the saga with humor, while Aokiji closes the first arc with tragedy. Water Seven introduces us to the SNCF on water, the terrible duel between Usopp and Luffy and the distress of losing Nico Robin to a dark and untouchable power. Finally, Enies Lobby is the arc that brings the saga to the top spot. It’s Pandora’s box of shonen, with a chase, a crying flashback, duels with power-ups on all sides, promises kept, and the loss of a friend while in fact, it’s a boat.

Why we love this saga: Zoro and Sanji’s teamwork at Davy Back Fight, Finding Water Seven, CP9, Sogeking, Monster Chopper, Devil’s Leg, 9 Sword Style, Gear 2, Gear 3, Rob Lucci vs Luffy, the death of the Vogue Merry and the announcements of the new bounties.

End of this classification. The Battle of Onigashima might be a game-changer, but maybe not. We will then wait for the next saga (the last, surely) to modify this list.