What danger is the live-action of One Piece, once Cowboy Bebop is canceled? – Spoiler Time

The sentencing and execution was very, VERY quick. Not a month passed (it premiered on November 19 and was canceled on December 9) when Netflix decided untimely to cancel Cowboy Bebop, adaptation live-action of the homonymous anime that, although it marks a certain closure at the end of its tenth episode, he was far from adapting the 26 of the original work (in addition to his film that is located between episodes 22 and 23).

Immediately, warning lights were turned on in other projects, but one in particular is the one in the sights of the fans of the original work, which despite having the supervision of the mangaka original, looms as a catastrophe similar to Death Note and – sadly we add – Cowboy Bebop.

Why that particular adaptation?

There are many reasons: one of them is that the fandom of One Piece is much older worldwide and of a much broader age spectrum than that of Cowboy Bebop.

Eiichiro Oda has compiled 101 manga volumes since their first appearance in 1997 Y Toei Animation has faithfully adapted these adventures to anime since October 1999. And this huge community of fans, just for being loyal to the adventures of the young pirate Monkey D. Luffy, they have risen fiercely against adaptation since day 1.

Then this cancellation announcement comes to Cowboy Bebop, fulfilling the prophecy of thousands of otakus (anime and manga fans) around the world, claiming that it was impossible for Netflix successfully adapt the western spatial of Shinichiro Watanabe, which they criticized even 20 days before the cancellation, condemning the change of sexuality of Faye, how ridiculous of Ed and the excessive use of sexual references, absent in the anime.

The producer and the peculiar cast

And from there we jump to another key point: the producer Tomorrow Studios that shaped the adaptation of Christopher L. Yost is THE SAME in charge of the development of One Piece. And even though Tomorrow has important successes such as Physical from Apple TV+, Snowpiecer Y Hanna, the one that the first block of One Piece going to consist of just 10 episodes implies that, with obvious caution, Netflix will also put this adaptation to the test, on pain of canceling it if it is not to the liking of the public … something that could well happen, especially with the results obtained by Spike and his space gang. But it turns out that no otakus or common subscribers of Netflix they wanted to see the series, freaking out of 74 million of hours played in its premiere to a noisy 59%, due to the general dislike and the “word of mouth” that ended up burying the series, including the poor thing Ed, who had just 40 seconds of presence in the epilogue of episode 10.

Now, the cast. With all the previous fears, fans and naysayers expected a cast headed by talents like John Cho (Star Trek), Mustafa Shakir (Luke Cage) Y Daniela pineda (The Originals) would give the necessary strength to the adaptation to survive as a separate thing.

What is the problem with One PieceIf the youthful cast is enthusiastic, committed and –at least one of them– a fan of the original work?


We note that the selection of Iñaki Gody (Who Killed Sara?), Mackenyu (Samurai X: El Fin, 2021), Emily Rudd (Fear Street, 2021), Jacob Romero Gibson (Green Leaf) Y Taz Skylar (Boiling Point, 2021) What Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp Y Sanji rather they obey the strategy of Netflix Y Tomorrow for conquering a young audience, even NOT FAN of anime and manga. And that could be a good idea, but also bring us a new disaster in the style of Death Note.

What will happen? We could say that we will find out in 2022… But there is a certain rumor seriéfilo that ensures that Netflix I could stop this production before it even hits our screens. It will be?

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