What do we expect from One Piece chapter 1044?

Twenty five years later, one piece continues to deprive us of sleep week after week. That is the greatness of the work of Eiichiro Oda: no matter how much time passes, its validity continues (and will continue) to be absolute. It is a totem, a beacon, a masterpiece that is undeniably part of our popular culture from here to the remains. To realize this, it is enough to see the expectation generated before the release of the next chapter. But, what is really going on?

One Piece Chapter 1044 Generate Unprecedented Anticipation

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Chapter 1043 of the One Piece manga left all those who read the series week by week with their mouths open. The war in Onigashima took an unexpected turn after Kaido’s fatal blow to Luffy, caused by the interference of the CP0 agent. The battle seemed lost for the side of the Supernovas, although some refused to believe it. Suddenly, though, Zunisha tells Momonosuke that Joy Boy has returned after 800 years. In this way, the chapter closed with what, for many, is already one of the most emblematic vignettes of the entire manga.

After the aforementioned chapter 1043, the Internet exploded and the networks and forums were filled with dozens of theories, something that was increased due to a one-week break. Of course, the One Piece community is one of the most prolific when it comes to theories, but what happened in the last chapter of the manga gives much more than usual.

But if the hype was through the roof, now it is beyond. And it is that the usual leakers of spoilers have strongly recommended that readers come to 1044 without any information, anticipating that no one is prepared for what is to come. So much so, that many have already cataloged this chapter as one of the best, if not the best, of the entire series. And that, of course, is saying a lot.

What can we really expect? With Eiichiro Oda anything can happen. We know that the mangaka is an absolute master of the plot twist, knowing how to generate tension in the reader in a sublime way. This presents us with two scenarios: that it absolutely changes the third and we do not know anything about Luffy in the entire chapter or that, on the contrary, part of some of the greatest mysteries of the manga are revealed to us, linking with this new arrival of Joy Boy . Others suggest that this chapter can tell something about the Empty Century, the awakening of the Gomu Gomu No Mi, or even that we discover that the latter is not Luffy’s true fruit.

Of course, there are many questions that we have open right now. For now, we can only hope that One Piece chapter 1044 meets the expectations that are being generated. And knowing the work and its author, most likely so.

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