What dream would contain the devil fruit of Luffy and Roger?

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In Chapter 1069, we learned that Devil Fruits are born out of desires and dreams. Immediately, it makes me wonder: What dream would hold Luffy and Roger’s devil fruit?

Their dream was one of the biggest mysteries presented to Wano. And Oda has, time and time again, intentionally got these two to declare their dreams only to then interrupt them for us readers. Their dream is VITAL for the final conclusion of One Piecebut at the same time, we readers aren’t supposed to know what it is.

So we had a click. What is their dream? Why aren’t we supposed to know it? Why did Roger arrive too soon? And what is one of the greatest treasures a pirate can find in One Piece?

One Piece is a devil fruit. And it’s THE devil fruit of Luffy and Roger’s dream. Their dream is One Piece and One Piece is their dream. THIS IS NOT THE NIKA, BECAUSE THEIR DREAM IS NOT LIBERATION, ESPECIALLY NOT ROGER.

When Roger and his team came to Laugh Tale, they couldn’t find the One Piece. What they found was a funny story, possibly detailing Joyboy’s dreams, dreams that Roger may have inherited.

They arrived too soon, simply because the Fruit did not yet exist. We believe that it takes certain conditions including the desire of a large number of people for a fruit to manifest/wake up, such as the Nika fruit. That would explain why Roger surrendered.

The public execution was a veritable platform to spread the seeds of desire for One Piece. And maybe that’s why the government got scared when Whitebeard claimed his existence. That, coupled with Luffy, who shares the same dream and has the drive to achieve it, could be the condition for the fruit to manifest.

Remember, Luffy and Roger’s dream is SO ridiculous that almost everyone who knows it is dumbfounded. Roger hackers laughed because someone else shares the same ridiculous dream as Roger. That’s why Roger wanted to live at the same time as Joyboy, the og or Luffy, because they share his dream.

That’s why Rayleigh warned that the big heroic action later in the series might come to a different conclusion than Roger’s crew. Remember that almost everyone is stunned upon hearing their dream. Some conclude that it is bullshit, while others are moved by it.

Maybe, like everything else in One Piece, it was always a pun. It’s not “One Piece”. It’s WANT Piece. Or Want Peace if the final goal really turns out to be the alliance of all peoples and the liberation of all.

what we think

  • We believe One Piece should not be Nika. Admittedly, the Nika corroborates with a lot of clues disseminated as the series progresses, but if Oda purposely hid Luffy and Roger’s dream from us, it’s because this element will be “revolutionary” for the outcome. Of the history.
  • Who will eat this fruit? Blackbeard, who knows? But let’s remember that one of the important elements of the series, Luffy’s initiatory quest towards Shanks, is the Straw Hat. What if the Straw Hat wasn’t just a hat? What if he had this ultimate ability to eat the most precious Devil Fruit in the world of One Piece?

There must be a reason

mary geoise straw hat

Don’t forget that it was passed down from Roger to Luffy, almost like he was passing down his will and his dream. Shanks specifically talked about how Luffy said the same words as his captain when talking about Luffy’s dream. This may have been the deciding factor that led him to give the hat to Luffy and bet that Luffy would be Joyboy. Perhaps then the hat symbolizes their dream.

The Straw Hat is Luffy’s greatest personal treasure. This was established from Orange Town. It’s even possible that Luffy values ​​his hat more than One Piece. But that would detract from One Piece’s importance as a treasure.

Don’t forget that a frozen straw hat is apparently Mary Geoise’s greatest treasure. If the hat symbolizes both Roger and Luffy’s dream and is also Luffy and Mary Geoise’s greatest treasure, doesn’t it make sense that Luffy’s greatest treasure would eat the world’s greatest treasure and literally become his dream?