What happened in chapter 1044 of the One Piece manga?

This is what number 1044 of the One Piece manga has left us.

After chapter 1043 of the manga by one piece all the followers of the work of Eiichiro Oda their mouths were open. The Onigashima War turned events around after Zunisha announced the return of Joy Boy after 800 years. But, without a doubt, the most impressive thing was the last vignette, where we could see Luffy preparing for what many theorized as the awakening of his Akuma no Mi. Now that we have been able to read chapter 1044, What things have become clear to us?

The unexpected news about the Gomu Gomu no Mi – One Piece Manga 1044

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The chapter begins with the reactions of the allies to the news that Luffy is still alive to then move to the sacred land of Mary Geoise. The five Gorosei elders are gathered there, who comment on some aspects regarding the Akuma no Mi of the Straw Hat captain. Apparently, the World Government has been searching for her for 800 years without success, since the fruit itself seems to have a will of its own.

It is at this precise moment that the biggest surprise of the chapter is revealed to us and, probably, one of the biggest of the entire series: Luffy’s fruit is not the Gomu Gomu no Mi, but a mythological zoan that responds to the name of Milestone Milestone no Mi: Model Nikathe Sun God mentioned by Who’s-Who during his fight with Jimbei.

The action now takes us to an emotional scene between Orochi and Hiyori, the second daughter of Kozuki Oden and Toki. Given the nature of this chapter, it may be that this interaction between the two characters goes unnoticed by the vast majority, but the truth is that Oda has managed to solve the situation masterfully and culminating it with a great vignette of Hiyori reaffirming her position as a member of the Kozuki family.

One Piece Color Spread

However, the thing does not end here, since the surprises continue to happen one after another. We return to Luffy, who confirms what we already suspected: he has reached his expected Gear 5 and, as he himself assures, it is the peak of his power, at least so far.

Kaido, who thought the Mugiwara dead, is surprised by the future King of the Pirates. In this way, the fight returns to the roof of Onigashima, but this time there is something different: Luffy’s powers have changed and now it is Kaido who suffers a massive punishment.

Finally, the appearance of Luffy’s Gear 5 is revealed to us, as he bursts out laughing. In this way, it seems that we headed towards the final stretch of the battle. What surprises will the war bring us? We will have to wait until next week for more information.

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