What if NBA players…were One Piece pirates?

Get out your straw hats, we’re going to sea! Second best-selling literary work of all time, the manga One Piece by Eichiiro Oda unleashes passions on social networks. The most famous pirates of Grand Line all have quite marked personality traits… which we will try to compare with NBA players. Whitebeard, Luffy, Kaido… and even Rayleigh.

All of our attempts at comparisons are based on player character, league history and career accomplishments. SPOILER ALERT: Our comparisons are based on the current progress of One Piece (Chapter 1050+), if you haven’t read this far it’s at your own risk…like going to the Grand Line actually.

Monkey D. Luffy – Giannis Antetokounmpo

The straw hat embodies it the best, don’t you think? Arriving in the NBA in 2013, Giannis’ journey has many similarities to that of Luffy. First unknown, he becomes over the days and years someone who arouses curiosity and then scares everyone, improving his basketball considerably. When you also look at the incredible measurements of the man, there would be almost enough to wonder if he has not eaten the Gomu Gomu no mi. Unless it is ultimately a much more powerful Hito Hito no mi type fruit… In any case, with two MVP awards and an NBA title to his credit, the bounty for the Greek demigod is already huge. He has certainly failed many times, but Luffy has been there too. That didn’t stop him from making quite a mess of the Great League in the Enies Lobby or Marineford way.

Whitebeard (Edward Newgate) – Kobe Bryant

The former king of an era ready to give way to a new one full of promise. All young pirates today are fans of what Roger’s successor has accomplished. In orange ball language? Kobe passed on the legacy of the Pirate King and everyone roams the courts today with the aim of leaving a trace (at least) as big as his. At his prime, Whitebeard was of almost the same level as Roger, the kind of power that gives 82 points in a game in the modern era of the League. Accompanied by companions of an exceptional level (a nod to Marco), he dominated part of the Grand Line for almost twenty years. Unfortunately, Fate is cruel and very difficult to accept, but its very vivid memory will be forever etched in indelible ink in history.

Shanks – LeBron James

The idol of young Luffy, the one who gave the elastic young man a taste for piracy. The objective of the straw hat? Surpass him and finally be able to give him back his hat. Giannis’ goal? To have a better record than LeBron and make League history. Considered by many to be the most powerful pirate in the world today, Shanks has this slightly crazy and festive side that James also shares. Not always taking himself seriously, he won’t hesitate to bang his fist on the table to remind who’s the boss, Sengoku still remembers it and it would have given him gray hair. Be careful though, we’ve seen him try to manage some pretty amazing things for a pirate… a bit like trying to get his hands on the recruitment of his team when you’re a player.

Kaido – Kevin Durant

Have you heard of the man who never lost a fight? We challenge you to find anyone who can knock Kevin Durant one-on-one. Unless a little springy young pirate beats him of a size by a hair passing the fifth. He is considered one of the greatest strikers in history, and undoubtedly the most complete. Giant like Kaido, he is like the latter a special character. Treason ? Check. Put pralines on the networks to his former companions without calculating? Check. Well, Kevin Durant didn’t want to destroy a country either, but he crystallizes well what a lot of people don’t like… like dear Kaido. Still, Luffy gave him a good dance, so everyone is happy.

Big Mom – Nikola Jokic

Yum. Being overweight and one of the scariest pirates on the seas? The parallel between Big Mom and Nikola Jokic is more than logical. Besides, both are giants. Wait, maybe we should check that they’re not siblings anyway. At the head of an archipelago built of sweets and other cakes, we could very well see Charlotte Linlin making the Joker her second, especially since the first of the name was locked up at Dressrosa and it got a lot of people in trouble. On the ground, it doesn’t look like much, but it’s devilishly effective. And then we imagine that a food evening with Niko is like a tea party with Mama, you can’t refuse.

Silvers Rayleigh – Scottie Pippen

The Pirate King’s second, always very fit when it comes to putting pressure on an admiral. He accompanied the captain of the Oro Jackson in all his adventures. Scottie Pippen accompanied Mike on all his adventures. Dismantled in 1998, having left a treasure trove of heritage, the Chicago crew is legendary and impresses even those who haven’t seen their exploits with their own eyes.. In their wake, countless pirates are trying to get their hands on this heritage, not to appropriate it but to surpass it. A goal that is far from an easy task. Like Rayleigh, he sees with a benevolent eye the arrival of a new kid who destroys everything in his path and who reminds him a little of his old captain. It’s even with us that he said.

Gol D. Roger – Michael Jordan

The king, the one who marked the history of piracy like no other has done yet. Like Roger, Jordan never ran away from a fight. The Bad Boys? The most cruel pirates of the time. Not a worry, Jordan will end up eating them. He is at the beginning of everything, his end of career will leave the way open to all basketball players around the world, who are now looking to join the NBA to give it to themselves and claim the title of King of the Pirates. Do you see the parallel with Grand Line? Because with us, it tilts. If Roger is no longer in this world today, Jordan watches him with authority at all these pirates who are trying to dethrone him, without anyone having yet succeeded.

Is Akainu of the level of an Emperor? Are both Sanji and Zoro equally powerful? Why did Aokiji join Blackbeard? So many questions that are difficult to answer. In any case, you now have our One Piece x NBA comparative picks. Agree with us? We are waiting for your personal choices in the comments.

Source: One Piece Vol. 1 to 101