What if the Straw Hats were members of another pirate crew (part 2)?

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Zoro is a bit difficult to choose but we think another Yonko, Kaido from the Beasts Pirates, would be perfect. Zoro has the qualities of a king and he is extremely competitive and determined in his pursuit of the title of the strongest swordsman in the world. This aligns very well with the meritocracy of Kaido’s crew, as well as Kaido having the title of “World’s Strongest Creature”. He could be a Tobi Roppo, replacing Sasaki who seems to be the least interesting, aiming for the No. 1 All-Star position and rising in rank. Or he could simply be the “King” of the crew.

Since he is part of the Beasts Pirates, a zoan fruit would naturally accompany him. This is perfect as the Zoan Fruit will not interfere with his swordsmanship since it only enhances his strength. A tiger zoan would be an ideal choice since the tiger is the animal equivalent of Zoro according to Oda. A white tiger zoan (mythical or ordinary) would be perfect since it is often shown opposing the azure dragon to indicate that Zoro wants first place. Also, tigers have powerful jaws, so you know the grip will be stronger now.

But there is also another possibility as Oda said that if Zoro were to eat a devil fruit, it would be Kaido’s devil fruit. but there’s a twist where it’s actually his sword eating him. So we think his sword eating devil fruit would also be a good way, even better, his three sword eating devil fruit, tiger, shark (same as Arlong) and dragon.


Another obvious, but very fitting, choice would be Big Mom’s crew for Sanji. We like the idea of ​​the trio of monsters being part of a Yonko crew and competing with each other. Especially Sanji and Zoro since Big Mom and Kaido have a common past since they were both members of The Rocks. Sanji is a natural partner to Big Mom, because he is one of the best chefs and his whole team is based on food. He made the cake that knocked out Big Mom!

Naturally, he would be married to Pudding, but he might have to age her depending on the timeline. He could also marry another of his daughters. Of course, his ties to Germa 66 would be known to Big Mom before she married one of her daughters to him. As for his position in the crew, we’re not sure if he’s one of the Sweet Commanders, as it seems those positions are reserved for his children, but if not, he’d be one of them. Otherwise, he would take over Streusen’s position as head chef.

sanji kitchen

Since this is a food-related team, Sanji would receive a food-related Devil Fruit. Oven Fruit and Streussen are good choices but, besides being both taken, Sanji is already a great cook and has fire powers, so those two are superfluous. We’ve been looking everywhere for a devil fruit suitable for Sanji! Sanji allegedly ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Chicken Shamo. Wondering what Shamo chickens are? Oh, it’s nothing, just a bunch of chickens used for cockfighting!

Coincidentally, the Shamo chickens are the main inspiration for the Pokemon Blaziken, a fire and fighting type.

Sanji would cover himself in flames and look the same as Marco in his Phoenix hybrid form.

sanji in marco phoenix

What is the relationship with food? Because Sanji would be KFC, Kuroashi Fried Chicken!

8-Nico Robin

Like Robin was part of Baroque Works, we were going that she would be one of them, but since they are not considered a pirate crew, we chose Crocodile’s New World counterpart: Doflamingo and his crew. Doflamingo is essentially the best version of Crocodile and since Robin worked for him, we imagine she fits right in with Doflamingo. He’s also an underground broker codenamed Joker who does a lot of shady business underground, much like Crocodile in the Paradise part of Grand Line, and Robin would be the perfect henchman for him.

Additionally, Doflamingo seems to know many secrets that the World Government and Celestial Dragons are hiding that Robin wants to know. He is also one of the few people who can keep Robin safe in such a dangerous part of the sea, as he is not only a powerful pirate, but also has the support of the Yonko Kaido.

doflamingo + robin crew

His Devil Fruit powers also tie into the dynamics of the Crew, who have some very “quirky” Paramecia Devil Fruits, such as Art Art and Toy Toy Fruits. As for her position in the crew, she could easily fill the missing seat of “Heart” by becoming the new Corazon since the previous 3 (Vergo, Corazon, and Law) abandoned her, but we also think it’s possible that she works under the orders of Trebol in his army since it is made up of people who need special powers for their missions. In any case, she would fit in perfectly with the crew.


Franky would join the Fire Tank Pirates led by one of the Capone Bege Supernovas. They’re inspired by an Italian mafia or gang and Franky has been a gang leader before, which suits him perfectly.

bege + franky crew

On top of that, their ship’s aesthetic is very similar to Franky’s and there are a lot of things Franky could do to improve not only the ship but also the weapons they use as he is a carpenter and a inventor after all. Like Gotti’s cyborg arm, Vito’s guns. Bege’s fruit makes him a cyborg and we could see Franky wanting to tinker with it and add weapons like his lasers to it. Franky is worth way more than Vito and Gotti, so he would be perfect as Capone Bege’s vice-captain and henchman.


jinbe crew

Jinbe would obviously be under the orders of the Sun Pirates as he was already part of them and later served as their captain. But he was also under the orders of the Whitebeard Pirates, so either would suffice, there’s nothing to add here.