What if the Straw Hats were members of other pirate crews (Part 1)?

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What if each Straw Hat was a member of a different pirate crew? So we decided to do an article about the crew in which each Straw Hat would fit best.

Don’t think of “What If Luffy Never Met His Crew” but rather an alternate universe where the Straw Hats are just members of other pirate crews.


For Luffy, we think it’s a bland, but very fitting choice, namely the Roux Pirates. They are the reason he wants to be a pirate and this whole journey started with them and Luffy wanting to join them. This would fit perfectly with the fact that Luffy originally wanted to sail as an apprentice on their ship. His relationship with Shanks could mirror that of a child Shanks and Roger. He might even eat the same fruit since he stole it from them anyway. It’s also funny to mention that both Luffy and Buggy ate their fruit accidentally because of Shanks.

It’s hard to imagine Luffy’s dynamic with the crew beyond that, but we’re guessing he’ll eventually become a high-ranking officer in the crew, maybe even the vice-captain. Luffy would symbolically be Shanks’ “left arm”, since Shanks sacrificed his left arm to save Luffy and his left arm appears to be his dominant arm, which would make Luffy his true second-in-command.


Nami’s two most defining characteristics are her love of money and her weather/navigation abilities.. Unfortunately, there are no crews that match the two. We were thinking of the Kuja crew, since it’s female, but it’s so superficial and not at all creative. The other choice was the Depraved Monk crew, since they are originally from Sky Island, like the ones Nami trained during the time jump. We finally opted for the Chat Noir crew. As their name suggests, they have a feline aesthetic and Nami fits in there with her epithet. Even though she doesn’t look like a cat, she can change her wardrobe to look like one of the Who’s Who crew members or even go so far as to eat a Black Cat Zoan.

nami as cat pirate

Kuro is also known to be the second smartest man in East Blue, second only to Ben Beckman. Nami, being the smart woman that she is, would fit perfectly into her role as vice-captain. And since the crew is not very strong, she could also be a real powerhouse for the crew. The two also seem to share a love of money, as Kuro intended to steal Kaya’s inheritance and we all know about Nami and money. Naturally, she would also be their Navigator.


Usopp is a perfect member for Buggy’s crew! Both he and Captain Buggy are legends and gods among men!

But seriously, Usopp is just like Buggy, in fact, we’d go so far as to say Usopp is the Straw Hat Pirates’ Buggy. Usopp and Luffy’s relationship reminds me a lot of Shank and Buggy’s, minus the hatred between the two.

We can only imagine all the stupid shenanigans they both would pull off. Naturally, Usopp would be the vice-captain of the crew and would try to take the captain’s place all the time. And since Buggy has the Chop Chop fruit which makes him immune to being cut, Usopp as a sniper would be the perfect counterweight.

usopp and baggy

He wouldn’t need to get a Devil Fruit, but to fit better, we think the Pocket Fruit would be perfect since that’s the oneOda said Usopp would have if he used a Devil Fruit.

He could store Buggy in there to hide him all the time or just his legs so Buggy could float freely without having to worry about his legs. He can also tinker with the Muggy Ball to make it stronger and even add it to his own arsenal of Pop-Greens. We know that Blamenco currently has the fruit and we want to avoid changes like this, but Blamenco is such a small character that it doesn’t matter if he has it or if he doesn’t even exist .

baggy pirates + usopp


Chopper would fit in perfectly with the Beasts Pirates aesthetic since he’s a Zoan user, and a very good user, but not to intrude on the crew members, and because we think there is a better choice, he would not join Kaido but rather Law and his crew.

Chopper doesn’t fit the overly competitive nature of the Beasts Pirates. With the crew of the Heart and Law, he is perfectly in his place. They are both very competent doctors who can learn a lot from each other. Chopper would be a perfect assistant during operations, as he is very skilled in healing and medicine, and he would bring a good dose of power.

His dynamic with Law is also on full display in Punk Hazard, both comically and medically. It’s not only hilarious to see them team up and see Law carrying Chopper on his sword and head, but the two of them operating on the giant kids to save them is an underrated moment in my opinion that also highlights their dynamic of doctor.

chopper and law

He would also go very well with Bepo because he looks a lot like a mink. Plus, imagine all the jokes between Bepo and Chopper having such low bounties and being considered “pets” of their crew, as well as Bepo being jealous of how close Chopper is to Law due to his medical knowledge.


Brook was actually a member of another crew before joining the Straw Hats, the Rumbar Pirates. But since that would be a boring answer and they’re dead, we’d like to get more creative with Brook’s pirate crew. So just like Franky, Brook would be part of another Supernova crew, namely Apoo.

brook and apoo

What does that mean? Brook spent his 2 years with Apoo and is a member of this tribe. He also ate a musical-type devil fruit, Oto Oto no Mi, which allows him to transform his body into different musical instruments and Brook, as a musician, would fit in perfectly with the team since his entire team is based on music. Since Apoo has no memorable crew members, Brook would definitely be his vice-captain.