What is SWORD? The One Piece Navy Division That Might Want To Change The World

SWORDS is a hidden division of the navyyou could equate to the Cipher Pol of the World Government But in the Navy Their First apparition it was in the chapter 956in September of 2019. To this day we still do not know anything about its reason for existing or its intentions as an organization.

Even with this lack of information, we know a lot about SWORD thanks to its members. We can try to see the intentions of the organization since its members have very marked ideals that it would be strange for them to betray.

SWORD members

X Drake

Is he captain of the organization. At first believed to be an ex-marine who had gone pirate becoming a Supernova. He even entered the Tobiroppo of Kaido’s crew. But all this turned out to be a cover since remains connected to the Navy as an undercover member of SWORD in the world of pirates

He is a powerful character and has shown good values ​​when betraying Kaido. During Wano released Trafalgar D. Water Law and allied with Roronoa Zoro against Scratchmen Apoo.


koby SWORD

koby is one of the most important characters in the Navy at this time. He is one of the navy heroes thanks to having protected civilians in the Rocky Port incident. Is a very important figure for the image of the organization at the same time it has been shown to be very powerful.

koby always has had good values, something he learned from Garp and demonstrated at Marineford. He currently holds the position of Captain in the Navy.

Prince Grus

grus SWORD

Little is known about this character beyond that he is Rear admiral. So we can say that he is more powerful than koby by having a higher range.


Hibari SWORD

Is a Commanderso it should have less power than Koby. Have great relationship with the Navy Hero wanting to rescue him at all costs from Blackbeard’s clutches.


helmeppo SWORD

Is Lieutenant Commanderrange less than Hibari. Koby’s partner since almost the beginning, he has also been trained by Garp.

Unnamed members

nameless sword members

Four characters we don’t know anything about more than their faces.

SWORD’s Intentions

All I’m going to comment on now are theories since there is nothing confirmed. But, we can assume that SWORD is an organization that seeks good within the Navywho wants to improve their way of acting and help people, some reasons are the following:

  • Koby and Helmeppo are characters with very good values who have been seen acting like Luffy and his gang would. Namely, share thoughts with “the good guys” from one piece.
  • X Drake joined the assault on Onigashima and helped defeat Kaido and his crew. Although Kaido is also an enemy of the Navy, allying with the good guys in history puts you closer to “goodness”.

For these reasons and having the precedent of X Drake, there are those who believe that Kuzan (Aokiji) He is also infiltrated with Teach’s gang. to get information. That Aokiji is still linked to the Navy is something that fans have always believed because we saw him with good attitudes in his pre-time skip appearances.

Other rumored characters for SWORD are Garp and Issho (Fujitora), for the same reasons as Aokiji. After all, if what is believed about the organization is true, it is to be expected that Marines with good values ​​​​will join them.