What is The Beginning After the End?: the manhwa that drives people crazy and anime is already being requested

After the end of Solo Leveling, the work of TurtleMe and Fuyuki23 has become the new phenomenon in Korea

I consider myself a person who enjoys anime much more than manga, although lately I have to say that I am having a great time reading works like Chainsaw Man, Berserk, One Piece or Oshi no Ko. Beyond this I think that I have never played a single manhwa in my entire lifeyou know, those “South Korean manga” which little by little have been becoming more famous in other countries partly thanks to the success of Just Leveling. But today I am not here to talk to you about that work, but about its heir: The Beginning After the End.

I had been coming across this title in various corners of the Internet for quite some time, and my sense of curiosity could not take it anymore. After learning a little about this manhwa I have begun to understand why it has become a phenomenon in South Koreawhy people want to read it in other languages ​​and why is it being asked please to adapt to the anime. Inside keys:

What the heck is The Beginning After the End?

  • The Beginning After the End is a South Korean webcomic/web novel (manhwa) that is written by TurtleMe and it is Illustrated by Fuyuki23
  • It can be read in English legally through a portal called tapaswhere it accumulates more than 20 million views (+ many millions of other platforms)📈
  • As it is another work of fantasy, magic and a protagonist who seeks to become stronger, people have not been slow to put it at the same level as Solo Levelingand some even say that TBATE is his “heiress”👑
  • its plot focuses on the reincarnation of Arthur Leywin, a person who in his previous life was known as the Gray King and possessed enormous magical powers; now he has been born again with the aim of redeeming his past mistakes, and for this he will be able to use spectacular potential and a mind that has maintained all his previous experience🧙🏻‍♂️
  • Furthermore, it seems that this story is full of script twists that won’t stop blowing fans’ headswhich go to the internet forums to comment on everything that happened in the current chapter😯
the beginning after the end

Can it be read in Spain?

I currently believe that there is no legal way to quietly enjoy The Beginning After the End. However, I have very good news on this subject, since Editorial Standard confirmed a few weeks ago that it has already acquired the license to locate and distribute this manhwa in Spain.

Furthermore it seems that have promised to bring the entire work to completionso we are facing a great bet that could only be made for a worthwhile manhwa, as was the case with Solo Leveling.