What is the main character of One Piece that has disappeared

One of the things that is on the lips of all One Piece fans is that, with its resumption, after a month of rest by its mangaka Eiichiro Oda, it has brought some shocking revelations, which have left much expectation to fans of the beloved anime and manga.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, in the most recent chapter of the manga, a series of important events have occurred that have given an unexpected turn to this exciting series, also one of the main characters of the series has disappeared in the middle of these outcomes.

Throughout the One Piece series, Luffy has been making new friends whom he has been recruiting as nakamas or allies in most of the journeys he has made. It is important to note that Luffy can always count on these allies in any predicament that comes his way.

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In one of his journeys, during the Alabasta arc, the Straw Hat rescues a young girl from Crocodile. This peculiar girl turns out to be the princess of this kingdom, named Vivi Nefertari, who was incognito in an organization called Baroque Works that belonged to the former Shichibukai.

Crocodile had intentions of taking over this kingdom, since it was the place where he did his illegal business, he was also interested in this, because one of the Poneglyphs was in it, which was necessary for him to carry out the investigation on a secret weapon.

In the most recent chapter of the series, he has established himself as a great hero, but also as a great threat to the world government, which is known as the “Flame Emperor”. However, he is accused of having assassinated the King of Alabasta and Vivi’s father, Cobra Nefertari, a descendant of one of the five families that founded the world government.

In the midst of this series of events, it was confirmed that Princess Vivi Nefertari had disappeared just at the time her father was murdered. Her disappearance has left many doubts about it, since it is speculated that she may have died, or that it may be a dark plan in which the princess could be involved. This panorama has left the door open to a lot of theories about the disappearance of Princess Vivi, leaving a great unknown as to what could have happened to her.