What is the number of Vegapunk Atlas?

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Dr. Vegapunk Atlas is the latest model of the world government’s top scientist to be featured. She is one of the Doctor’s five Satellites and is believed to embody anger. However, there is a question to ask about his number.

One Piece Chapter 1062, “The Adventure in the Land of Science” , Vegapunk Atlas is assigned two numbers. At first she was Punk 06. Later, however, she was referred to as Punk 05. This is probably an error in the art, but it could also be a clue to the history of Dr. Vegapunk.

What is the divergence in One Piece?

There are six Vegapunk Satellites in total. Each of them serves as an alternate body for the real Vegapunk, the “Stella”. They all bear the inscription “Punk 0X”, where X represents a unique number between one and six. The reason for these numbers is unknown, but they are apparently meant to categorize Satellites.

When the Vegapunk Atlas first appeared, it was difficult to make out its number. He stood on the left side of his robe and faced the audience. When she officially introduced herself, it was clear that “Punk 06” was written on the side of her dress.

However, the next scene contradicts this assertion. As Kaku explains how Vegapunk’s Satellites work, he presents a diagram with figures representing each of them. However, Atlas is not listed as Punk 06; this title was given to the still unknown Vegapunk York. Atlas was instead listed as Punk 05.

This discrepancy is particularly strange to understand. On the one hand, Kaku’s satellite diagram looks pretty concrete. On the other hand, Atlas’ dress could be considered physical evidence. Other evidence must be presented to disprove either point.

The argument that Atlas is Punk 06 is supported by another “mistake” made earlier in the chapter. The foreground of her dress, although indecipherable at first, looks much more like a “Punk 06” inscription in the given context. Either Atlas really is Punk 06 or the artist made the same mistake twice.

As for the reasons for the discrepancy in the story, there are several possibilities. The simple answer could be that Kaku’s diagram was wrong. It is also possible that the Atlas number has changed between the time the diagram was made and today; if the numbers are meant to be ordinal, she might have lost her rank to York.

Was the Vegapunk Atlas number an artistic error?

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While there may be a historical reason for this discrepancy, it is more likely a simple artistic error. Either Oda or one of his assistants accidentally wrote “Punk 06” on Atlas’ dress instead of “Punk 05” as it should have been. If so, the images where the difference appears will need to be changed when published in a manga volume.

The confusion should be resolved by the release of the next chapter. If Atlas’ dress still bears the words “Punk 06”, this is an intentional choice that will be developed in the future. If the dress is replaced with “Punk 05”, this is an artistic error that will need to be corrected when the chapter is released in volume. At a minimum, it can be assumed that the presented machine is, in fact, Vegapunk Atlas. Unless it’s some other mistake.