What should an otaku visit when in Japan?

There are places of Japan that have been created for the enjoyment of fans of their most commercial product, anime, here the so-called otakus can be even closer to those worlds and characters that have captivated them.

But of all the anime-related spaces that have been created, these are the ones that should be a mandatory stop for all fans, they will surely want to spend the whole day inside them.

In Japan you find memorabilia

For fans of animes like Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece, this place will be heaven, because here they will find exclusive products that did not come out of Japansuch as comics, magazines, t-shirts, pins and collectible figures.

This place belongs to the Shueisha publishing house, to which several famous programs belong, there is one in tokyoin case you are in the capital.

Otakus will be very happy in Joypolis

On the artificial island of Odaiba is the theme park Joypolis, which has endless attractions, such as virtual reality experiences, arcade machines, roller coasters as well as themed events.

There is also an area of ​​restaurants and bars, where you will have the opportunity to try outstanding drinks and dishes of Japanese cuisine.

The island of Japan Video game fans will love it as several of the attractions are inspired by characters and creations from the video game company Sega, there are tickets from 110 Mexican pesos.

In Japan is the capital of otakus

Everything that has been created in the name of anime is present in Akihabara, in this area of Japan you will find commercial stores dedicated to anime, video games, comics, movies, pop culture and more.

Something important about the capital of otakus is that technology is very present in almost every corner, if you are lucky you may visit Akihabara when an event is taking place with voice actors from your favorite animes or with a Japanese celebrity.

While you walk through its streets you will find cafes, shops, video game rooms, cosplayers and other attractions, with which, obviously, you have to take photos.

The lights and the eye-catching billboards in shops and buildings will leave you perplexed, it’s like entering a new world, a very eye-catching and dreamy one, keep in mind that the main street of Akihabara becomes pedestrian on Sundays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 00 p.m.

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