What was Roger’s plan to find Joyboy?

Mysteries can be one of the most fun aspects of following a series. Trying to find the answer to a question before it’s officially revealed can be rewarding, especially if the author has intentionally left clues for the audience to find, hoping they’ll find them along the way. Thanks to the length of its story, One Piece has given fans a ton of mysteries that have yet to be solved. One of these mysteries is the identity of a central character in the series’ story: Joyboy.

Joyboy existed 800 years ago, during what is called the Age of the Void, a 100-year period of history that has been completely erased by the world government. What exactly happened around this time is unknown and likely won’t be revealed until the end of the series. All that is known is that the mysterious Joyboy appeared around this time.

When Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King, traveled to the end of the Grand Line, he discovered the location of the last hidden island. When he and his crew docked there, he found a message left by Joyboy. Roger’s pirates read the message and laughed to tears; Roger himself decided to name the island Laugh Tale in Honor of Joyboy’s Message.

The extent of Joyboy’s message is another One Piece mystery that has yet to be revealed, but it is known to detail what happened during the Age of Void, the clan’s history. D. and ancient weapons. However, that wasn’t the only message Joyboy left behind.

Joyboy had left another message on the Fishman Island poneglyph. He apologized for not being able to keep a promise he made to the fish-men, but he also said he would be back in 800 years. – which corresponds to the current time in history. In his desire to see this being enter the world once more, Roger created a plan that would find the next Joyboy.

luffy joyboy

The Gomu-Gomu no Mi, which turned out to be the Hito-Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, seems to be closely related to Joyboy. It is possible that he possessed the fruit himself, or that he embodies its spirit.

Knowing this, Roger gave Shanks the task of finding the fruit., who stole it from the Marines 11 years before One Piece began. Although it was eaten by Luffy, it was probably meant to be given to Ace, Roger’s son, in hopes that he would become the next Joyboy.

Besides hunting for the Devil Fruit, Roger had another strategy to find the next Joyboy. Due to the configuration of the Grand Line, there are choke points at the start and end of each “sea”. For example, it is possible to take a large number of paths to reach the island of Sabaody, but they all end up heading towards the archipelago.

Roger's Crew

Positioned at the first choke point, Reverse Mountain, was Roger Pirates doctor Crocus. There is no way to enter Grand Line without going through Reverse Mountain, so it makes sense that a crew member would be there. Crocus would be able to assess any pirates who pass by and determine if they could be the next Joyboy.

Roger positioned Silvers Rayleigh, his vice-captain, on Sabaody. Crocus’ position would allow him to assess the pirates at the start of their journey, while Rayleigh would be able to assess them halfway through. So it’s possible that another member of Roger’s Pirates is on Laugh Tale, the final destination for all pirates. Many fans have suspected Scopper Gaban, the third in command of the Roger Pirates, to be on Laugh Tale due to his absence from the story, but again, that remains to be seen.

While it’s possible that Roger concocted this master plan after his death, it’s just as likely that it wasn’t planned at all. Roger was shown to be stubborn, hot-headed, and unstrategic, much like Luffy, the modern day equivalent of the Pirate King. Whether all of these details are just happy accidents – or whether they’re the grand scheme of the greatest pirate of all time – is another mystery that’s sure to be solved in the final One Piece saga.