What would One Piece look like in real life; realistic fanarts of your characters and locations

In the world of anime and manga there are few works as important as One Piece, which is not only very extensive, it is also one of the best examples of how the art of a manga is not limited to a specific style. The characters of Eiichiro Oda They come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s amazing that an illustrator has managed to realistically recreate One Piece with the following fanarts.

The person in charge of these creations is NAGISA (Nagisa on Youtube), whose channel contains examples of several very popular anime series such as Hunter x Hunter, Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. In the case of One Piece, the artist has presented three videos of fanarts ultrarrealistas: One with some characters from One Piece, another that compares the locations with real life and a last one with the actors from the Netflix series.

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The first time that NAGISA paid tribute to One Piece It was in July 2021, when he uploaded a video with the characters of Eiichiro Oda with ultra-realistic style. This is one of the best interpretations that shows us what a live-action would look like in our dreams, and among the characters it presents are Kuzan, Sakazuki, Issho, Hancock, Kuma, Moria, Crocodile, Doflamingo, Ace, Shanks, Linlin and Kalifa, among many others.

At the end of last year the artist also presented us with his version of the cast of the serie live-action de One Piece, produced by Netflix. The company has already confirmed that Iñaki Godoy will be Luffy, Macheknyu will play Zoro, Emily Rudd will be Nami, Taz Skylar is Sanji and Jacob Romero Gibson is Usopp, although he has not shown them in character.

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Finally, the artist presented a video with One Piece locations compared to real life locations, or in some cases fanarts that show us how we would expect to see those places in our world. NAGISA He has also paid tribute to other works besides that of Eiichiro Oda, so if you like his work, I recommend that you visit his channel.