What would One Piece pirates look like in the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? This artist shows us


They would certainly look stunning…

We know very well that this 2022 will be a great year for both the Straw Hat Pirates and the Joestars, with One Piece currently ending the Wano Arc with great surprises that could define the path that Luffy and company will have, as well as a fifteenth movie coming this summer under the name One Piece: Red, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure set to receive new episodes of Stone Ocean on Netflix. But,what would happen if both worlds intersected?”.

While most of One Piece’s future plans are pretty straightforward, making Luffy the pirate king, Joestars fans are waiting to see what other news will be revealed this year as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure hints at a big announcement. this summer for its anime adaptation, will we see the next season announced? Either way, an artist wanted to bring together these two universes so opposite.

The Twitter artist K16416 shared this impressive fusion of these two animes in their social networks that provides some of the world’s greatest pirates from the Grand Line their own Standsdropping members of the worst generation into the world of the Joestars and imagining what the combination of these two worlds would look like.

Let’s remember that the Stands of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are the physical manifestation of the strength of their users, so they would surely be related to their current powers seen so far. Perhaps one of the most powerful would be Kid and Law, who defeated Big Mama in Wano.

The future of One Piece beyond this crossover with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Currently, in the pages of the One Piece manga, the War for Wano is drawing to a close, with Luffy gaining a new transformation known as as Gear Fifth which allowed him to perform impressive feats against Kaido that the Straw Hat Captain had never been able to imagine before. With “Roof Piece” currently in the anime adaptation, it might be some time before we see Luffy’s wild new technique on the small screen, though it will certainly be a momentous moment once he does.

Kaido has had one of the toughest fights against Luffy in One Piece.

One Piece relies on the power of devil fruits for many of its swordsmen navigating the world of the Grand Line, while the Joestars universe has relied on the strength of Stands to power Hirohiko Araki’s series. dowhich would be stronger? This question could be resolved with the next announcements of the franchise.

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