When does the One Piece series arrive on Netflix in France?

Are you a manga fan and do you watch movies and series on Netflix? So, you might want to watch One Piece on the French catalog. Unfortunately, even if the streaming service offers a very wide variety of content, One Piece is not available on its French catalog. At least not for now.

If you are waiting for the famous manga to be broadcast on Netflix France, this article is for you. We will try to find out when One Piece will be released on Netflix France, and we will also talk about its availability on other platform catalogs.

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Towards an upcoming broadcast of One Piece on Netflix France?

Do you like One Piece? You are not the only one. The manga created by Eiichiro Oda was published for the first time in Japan in 1997. Since then, it has met with great success: published in more than 500 million copies, it is the best-selling manga throughout the world, still today.

It is indeed difficult to miss the success of One Piece: the franchise is available in derivative products, video games, but also in an animated series that is also very popular. And it is this series that we are talking about here.

The latter seems to be available on Netflix, however, if you want to watch it from France, it is not possible. The series is not yet broadcast on the French catalog of the famous platform. And if you wait for it to be, unfortunately we cannot know how long it will take.

The release date of One Piece on Netflix France is not yet known to anyone, and no reliable information has been communicated on this subject. Clearly, if you want to watch One Piece on the French catalog, you will still have to wait, and we don’t know for how long.

One Piece accessible from other Netflix libraries

You will surely have understood, or noticed for yourself, if the One Piece series is not accessible on Netflix in France, it is from other countries. So, which countries can watch the One Piece series in full via this streaming service?

Examples include Australia, Canada, but also Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and the United States. Of course, the Japanese catalog also allows you to watch One Piece. The series has a total of over 1000 episodes.

And to be able to watch the entirety of One Piece on Netflix while being in France, some Internet users have found the parade.

The latter are equipped with a VPN application such as ExpressVPN (this is the most cited service on this subject). With such a tool, these Internet users can modify their perceived location virtually (more details in our article explaining what a VPN is).

They can thus locate themselves in one of the countries where One Piece is broadcast on Netflix, and watch all the episodes without having to travel. Moreover, this streaming platform is not the only one that practices geo-restrictions of this type. platforms such as Youtube do it too, and it’s actually a very common practice on the Internet.

The disparity of programs on Netflix depending on the country

As we have just seen, Netflix does not offer the same content depending on where in the world you are. But then, what could this be due to? The broadcasting of programs depends on two factors. The first of these factors is more of a legal nature.

Indeed, to have the right to broadcast a given program in a given country, the service must acquire the broadcasting rights. Knowing that Netflix is ​​present in a total of 190 countries and that it broadcasts thousands of programs, this therefore gives rise to enormous disparities between countries (see our article on The Flash).

The second of the factors to consider concerns the marketing strategy. The platform actually decides which programs it broadcasts in each country based on user preferences.

Therefore, if a program is successful in a particular country, Netflix will broadcast a possible sequel there, or content in the same style. If, on the contrary, a series does not meet with the expected success, the platform will not renew it in this country.

These two factors therefore explain the disparities that exist between the different libraries of the American streaming service. One Piece works on the same principle, which explains why the series is not yet available on Netflix France, while it is already elsewhere.


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