When the national gendarmerie hijacks an unpublished chapter of “One Piece” for its recruitment

The police wanted to surf on the popularity of the famous manga to boost their recruitment. Fans of Eiichiro Oda’s work, carrying anarchic ideas, denounce the use of a pirate visual, taken from a chapter not yet legally available in France.

Bad buzz for the National Gendarmerie. The official law enforcement Twitter account shared a visual of the manga’s next chapter on Friday. One Piecewhose legal release is scheduled for this Sunday on the MangaPlus and GlénatMangaMax applications.

“If like Luffy against Kaïdo you want to act for the safety of your fellow citizens, join our crew on the site”, can we read in this message which refers to the recruitment page of the national gendarmerie.

Nearly 6,000 tweeters denounced this use of a visual from a work not yet legally available in France, and moreover without the authorization of the Japanese rights holders, the publishing house Shueisha, which is not credited in mounting.

Such an assembly would also have had no chance of being validated by the Japanese publisher, as the rights holders scrupulously protect their creation, one of the most popular mangas of the moment, sold more than 500 million copies in the world.

Even the press, when it talks about One Piece, must show their credentials and often only has access to ten visuals of this saga with 101 volumes. Visuals carefully selected by Japan, which reveal nothing of the plot and are taken from the first chapters.

Many internet users who are fans of One Piece also underlined the irony of seeing the National Gendarmerie quote a work carrying anarchic ideas, which calls for distrust of institutions. This strategy, supposed to appeal to young people, is reminiscent of that of Emmanuel Macron, who for several weeks has regularly cited manga in his communication on social networks.

Surfing on the popularity of “One Piece”

The latest revelations in the saga of Eiichiro Oda fascinate his fans. Every week, thousands of Internet users comment on them with passion on social networks. The National Gendarmerie account wanted to surf on the buzz aroused by chapter 1044, which leaked at the end of the week, and which carries a major revelation.

Kaido is the enemy faced by Luffy, the hero of One Piecein the arc being released in Japan, The Land of the Wa (Wano Kuni), considered one of the best and one of the most surprising of the saga.

Equivalent to feudal Japan, the Land of Wa lives withdrawn into itself, under the thumb of the vile shogun Kurozomi Orochi, who terrorizes the inhabitants of this world plagued by pollution, famine and poverty.

It is in this country that Luffy and his companions, the Mugiwaras, will land in order to defeat Kaido, a powerful warrior with whom the shogun has joined forces, and Empress Big Mom.