When will One Piece be released on Netflix France?

One Piece is the benchmark in terms of manga. It occupies the first place in the ranking of the most read manga in the world. The anime adaptation of One Piece is also followed by millions of fans on Netflix, with the exception of France. Many have therefore asked the question. Is One Piece going to be released on the Netflix France media library?

Monkey D Luffy’s gang has been scouring the seas for years to find treasure troves. Millions of readers and viewers around the world have joined the crew to follow the adventure in One Piece. The anime adaptation is also available on the Netflix platform for some countries. But unfortunately, France is not one of them. Why are we not in the list of countries that can view the famous work ofEiichirō Oda ? Will it be available on Netflix’s media library someday? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, this article will help you unravel the mystery behind One Piece and Netflix UK.

When will the One Piece anime be released on Netflix?

The One Piece anime adaptation so far includes more than 900 episodes, divided into 31 seasons. According to statistics, this is the most read manga in all of history. Its notoriety makes its version in Japanese anime very popular around the world. Millions of fans band together on Netflix to follow the odyssey of Monkey D Luffy, Captain Usop, Nami, Zoro and the others. Unfortunately, the platform does not allow the French to join the crew, One Piece not being available on Netflix France. Why ?

The reason for One Piece’s absence from Netflix France

Well it’s just because of the broadcasting rights and the purchase of the licenses. To feed its library, Netflix must work with production houses and content providers. The platform must buy the rights to these works so that it can distribute them in the countries concerned. But each country has its own rules. For example, there is content that is exclusive to a country, and can only be broadcast in that country. There are others that are partially accessible, and Netflix may stream a portion of the content on its platform. Finally, there is the content that is free to purchase, and can be broadcast in any country.

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This explains the disparity of content in each locality. For information, One Piece is available in full via Netflix only in Japan. But this is not the case in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Canada and Australia. In these countries, only the first four seasons of One Piece are available on Netflix. And like France, other countries do not have access to One Piece on Netflix, due to a lack of availability and broadcasting rights.

When is the release date?

So when will the One Piece anime be released on Netflix France? At the moment, we have no official information for the release date. But knowing the platform, she will not fail to notify us when the famous anime will join its French media library. While waiting for an official announcement, you can use a VPN to bypass geolocation and access content from other countries, including Japan.

What about the One Piece live-action series on Netflix?

The manga and anime adaptation One Piece have so many audiences around the world. Netflix therefore decides to follow the wave, announcing the adaptation of Eiichirō Oda’s manga into a live-action series, with real actors. The writing of the screenplay has already started, and we already know the name of the first director: Marc Jobst.

Marc Jobst will therefore be the director of the first episode of the One Piece series. He will have a lot to do to adapt the anime into a series, incorporating the fight scenes and humorous passages. Nevertheless, we have confidence in the director’s talents, given his exploits on Daredevil or The Punisher. Next to the director, Steven Maeda (The X Files, Lost, Lie to Me) fera office de showrunner pour la série.

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Netflix has already confirmed an order for ten episodes for the One Piece live-action. Tomorrow Studios will ensure the production of these. It’s the same production house that made the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop for Netflix.

The release date of One Piece’s live-action series is still unknown. The latest information states a release for next year. The filming of the series seems to be already underway, hopefully we will have more information in some time.