Where is “One Piece Film: Red” located in the Luffy Saga

On July 22, thousands of fans exclusively watched “” via and weeks later it would hit theaters in Japan, causing a great sensation for the impressive story based on the . But it would not be until November 3 that the Toei Animation tape would arrive in Latin America and the United States.

The “One Piece” movie is directed by Goro Taniguchi and it is the fifteenth in the list of tapes. The development of this started as a commemoration of the 100 episodes of the famous anime and manga .

Although the end of the film is definitive in there are doubts regarding the film, such as the date on which it will arrive Crunchyroll or if it is canon in the main story and in what period it is located.

Uta is the number one singer in the world in “One Piece Film Red” (Photo: Toei Animation)


The first thing that should be mentioned is that, despite including characters and relying on stories seen in the original saga, the film is not considered canon, like others. .

However, there are several tracks that advance a space in which the film takes place, which presents utathe daughter of Shankas the main villain.

For example, a detail that few noticed was the weapon used zorowhich brings it closer to days prior to the start of the Wano Arc. Although this would go against what was seen in the saga, since Uta is not mentioned during all deliveries.

Due to this, everything seems to indicate that before starting this story, Eiichiro Oda froze the stories and moved them from one place and situation to another, so that the characters can attend Uta’s concert, triggering the events seen in “One Piece Film: Red”.

In the same way, although it is difficult to locate it completely, since its dialogues refer to different events in the saga, the truth is that the followers must see some arcs before seeing the film, reaching the end of “Whole Cake Island” to fully understand what the film shows.

Some characters from “One Piece Film: Red” (Photo: Toei Animation)
Some characters from “One Piece Film: Red” (Photo: Toei Animation)