Where is One Piece located? This is all that is known about the location of the great treasure

I always say that one piece is a manganime that is characterized by presenting dozens and dozens of mysteries that are slowly being resolved. Today we are entering the final saga of the story devised by Eiichiro Oda and we still know almost nothing about the Great Treasure which started Luffy’s journey.

The big question that all fans of the series have been asking themselves for more than 20 years is “What the hell is One Piece?“. There are many theories about it that I will discuss in another article, however this time I want to focus on another great unknown about this treasure: Where is it located exactly? Let’s review the facts.

First details of the final island

First image of ‘Raftel’
  • At first it is said that Gold Roger, the King of the Pirates, gathered his entire fortune, called it One Piece and hid it in a place in the ‘New World’thus beginning the Great Age of Pirates ⭐
  • Later Luffy and his family met Crocus, the former doctor of Roger’s crew, and thanks to him they found out that One Piece is on a legendary island called Raftel, which is at the end of the Grand Line❗❗
  • This place only exists thanks to the testimony of Roger’s gang, since no one else has made it there in over 800 years

Oda fooled us all

laugh tale
The author of One Piece used a play on words
  • Many chapters later, when Eiichiro Oda told us about Kozuki Oden’s past through a flashback, it was revealed that the final island is not called Raftel, but Laugh Tale❗❗❗
  • This name refers to “the funny story” that Joy Boy left recorded in that place, and it was the King of the Pirates himself who decided to name it that way⭐
  • One Piece author used a Japanese pun to confuse fansso hundreds of theories about a floating island / raft went to hell (raft in English) ❌

And how do you get to Laugh Tale?

  • Inuarashi explains in a very simple and direct way the only way to find the location of Laugh Tale:
    • Step 1: find the 4 Road Poneglyphs that are scattered around the world✅
    • Step 2: decipher the texts of each one, mark the coordinates they indicate on a map and, finally, draw four lines until they converge in a single point✅
    • Step 3: navigate there✅

At this moment, Luffy only has to find a Road Poneglyph to obtain the exact coordinates of Laugh Tale, and everything seems to indicate that it is located in Elbaf. For his part, Blackbeard has a master plan to take over One Piece. Who will arrive first? Little desire to find out.

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