Where to see The Simpsons: all episodes and seasons online

Now it is very easy to see all the episodes and seasons of The Simpsons online.

The Simpsons are the most popular family on television

The Simpson is an animated series created by Matt Groening that premiered in December 1989. Since then, 34 seasons with more than 700 episodes with the adventures of the most popular yellow family on television. The series originally aired on the Fox network, where it achieved worldwide success until Disney bought the rights to distribute The Simpsons on its official channel. If you want to relive the classic chapters from the beginning, we tell you where to watch The Simpsons online.

In Spain we can still see many episodes of The Simpsons in Neox, since it is one of the series that is broadcast daily. These episodes do not have a correlative order, so you can’t do a marathon from the start. And since Disney has the rights it is more difficult than find the chapters online of the new seasons. Taking this into account, You won’t find The Simpsons on Netflix or Amazon. But yes on the Disney streaming platform.

How to watch all the episodes and seasons of The Simpsons


The platform has content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic

Disney+ is a subscription streaming service that launched in November 2019, promising a lot of original content. So The Simpsons also moved to this platform, where you can see all episodes and seasons in Spanish up to the present. At first there were some problems with the resolution of the older episodes of The Simpsons, but it was eventually remastered to allow the aspect ratio 16:9 of the current screens.

To see all the episodes of The Simpsons you have to have a Disney+ subscription. There are two types of plans that allow you to enjoy all the content for €8.99 per month or 89.90 euros per year. With the annual subscription you save 15% and you can see Disney+ on different devices. That means you can watch The Simpsons online using your Disney+ account through the app on your Smart TV, smartphone, tablet, console, even on the Disney+ official website.

Subscribe to Disney+

The Simpsons on Disney+

Disney+ includes The Simpsons movies and shorts

In addition to all the episodes and seasons of The Simpsons, the platform includes the movies and some special chapter that has been made. The catalog houses all these productions: The Simpsons: The Movie, Maggie Simpson: Playing with fate, The Simpsons: The good, the bad and Loki, The Simpsons in Plusniversario, The Simpsons: Welcome to the club, A long day of kindergarten, When Billie found Lisa and The Awakening of the Siesta. Remind you that Disney+ has many Fox seriesso we recommend other 6 perfect series for fans of The Simpsons.

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