Where to watch anime: the websites you should know

From Netflix to Disney+; These are all the websites you need to know to be able to watch anime online

Watching anime today is much easier (and legal) than it was a decade ago, especially as a result of the rise of streaming platforms. Indeed, between the absence of licenses and large interested platforms, consuming anime a few years ago was synonymous with piracy. Today that is something that is still very present obviously, but Fortunately, there is a whole selection of streaming websites that allow you to watch anime online in a very comfortable way..

These are all the websites you need to know to watch anime online

That being said, what I am here to talk to you about today is precisely the main streaming anime platforms that you can findand the strengths of each of these.

Watch anime on Crunchyroll

  • Personally, I have the opinion that Crunchyroll is today the best option to watch anime online.
  • Is about the largest platform dedicated to anime worldwideand as time goes by, they incorporate everything that the public asks for, such as a greater selection of dubbing into Spanish.
  • On this platform you can find jewelry like all the anime of Naruto in full, as well as the constant emissions of one piece. Not only that: each quarter there are dozens of new animes that are broadcast simultaneously with respect to Japan. Undoubtedly, it is a leading option if you are an anime fan and you love to consume works one after another in a comfortable and simple way.
  • Link to get to the Crunchyroll website.
Crunchyroll is the unquestionable king of this list with a brutal selection of content

Watch anime on Netflix

  • I’m not going to deny it: a few years ago Netflix used to drive me crazy over the issue of ‘throwing up’ entire seasons of anime episodes (something that in fact they still do today). However, there are many reasons why I believe that they are currently a TOP platform to watch anime.
  • First of all, it is very noticeable that Netflix has bet more and more on anime in recent years. Not only for new anime licenses like Cyberpunk: Edgerunners or the Spriggan rebootvery interesting things that we can only find in their catalogue, but also for reviving past licenses that are difficult to locate in Spain.
  • With this, one can find full animes like Berserk (1997), Claymore and Monster, among many others that I highly recommend. Come on, they have a tremendously broad catalog of present and past.
  • The main difference with Crunchyroll is that on Netflix You will VERY rarely find an anime simulcast in Japan. Either the anime is already complete or they release all the episodes at once.
  • Link to get to the Netflix website.
netflix anime catalog
Netflix is ​​currently a truly TOP option to enjoy Japanese animation

Watch anime on Prime Video

  • Prime Video is an option I consider one step below Netflix and Crunchyroll when it comes to consuming anime, but even so it has several interesting strengths.
  • Something in which Prime Video stands out above all is having a selection of movies online that surely you will not find on any other platform. Likewise, it also has some other exclusive license of episodic anime, albeit with very little to scratch really.
  • Prime Video you should consider it more like a complementbecause to have it as the main anime platform… well, the reality is that it falls a bit short.
  • Link to get to the Prime Video website.
first video
Prime Video has its good dose of licenses that make it a great complement

Watch anime on Disney+

  • Disney+ is a platform that has rather recently jumped on the anime boat and that, personally, I think you still have a LOT to learn..
  • In these last two years, we have seen them produce original things as cool as Star Wars: Visions and also acquire licenses of great weight such as Bleach TYBW. However, they have a distribution problem.
  • Despite being a platform that is active throughout the world and that one can perfectly hire, In the West, anime content often either does not arrive, or it arrives zillions of months late. The clearest example is that part 1 of Bleach TYBW is over and in Spain there is no news about its premiere.
  • Feeling it a lot, I can NOT recommend Disney+ as an anime platformeven if they have its contents.
  • Link to get to the Disney+ website.
Disney+ is currently the most controversial option in this entire list of online options

Watch anime on HIDIVE

  • HIDIVE is a VERY peculiar case in terms of streaming platforms, basically because in theory you can make it work from Spain… despite the fact that It is not adapted in the slightest for the public of our country. Indeed, the entire web is in English.
  • Despite the latter, the reality is that when HIDIVE stays with an anime, it is not possible to find it on another platform. And yes, this affects Spain. If it had a better location, of course it could be a very interesting third option.
  • Unlike other platforms, although with some distance from Netflix and Crunchyroll, HIDIVE regularly bets on anime with things like the remake of Urusei Yatsura or season 2 of Tsurune. It is difficult to recommend it for all that I have commented, but in the USA at least it has a good reputation.
  • Link to get to the HIDIVE website.
hidive anime
In HIDIVE you will find a fairly extensive catalog with new proposals regularly

See anime in Selecta Vision

  • Select Vision is the synonymous with wanting to see Japanese animation series in physical format in Spain. Indeed, currently if you find yourself with a physical edition of Dragon Ball, Naruto or almost any anime that comes to mind, surely it has the signature of Selecta Visión.
  • On the other hand, the truth is that every X time the platform takes advantage of its ‘Simulcast’ section to broadcast anime online completely free. It’s not a joke: all you need is to create an account on their website.
  • On the other hand, it must be taken into account that that online content is removed after a certain time. Most of the time that Selecta Visión broadcasts something like this, it is because they later intend to launch it in a physical format, and that is why it is removed online.
  • It is not a streaming platform to use, but It doesn’t hurt to follow up every X time to see if perhaps they have an anime in their simulcast that might attract one’s attention.
  • Link to Selecta Visión Simulcast.
select simulcast
A sample of what you can find from time to time in the Selecta Visión Simulcast

And these are all the main alternatives that you should take into account when watching anime online today. Obviously, With the exception of the aforementioned Selecta Visión, all the content that you can find here requires a paid subscription. As I said, I am aware that to this day there is still a lot of piracy in anime and that is something that is easily seen, but with how well localized we have so much content right now, it seems a shame not to take advantage of the big companies betting finally for japanese animation.