Which series characters appear in ‘One Piece Film: Red’?

Luffy and his crew make a stop on their adventurous journey to enjoy Uta’s concert, an artist who will sing in person for the first time. Even so, the dangers seem to follow this group of pirates, because in One Piece Film Red not everything goes as the protagonists expect.

On November 3, the cinemas of Spain will premiere this film, the 15th of the saga and the fifth in which Eiichiro Oda participates. And it is that the hand of the original author of the manga is noticeable in the argument, especially by the development of the character of Uta, who is the daughter of Shanks ‘The Redhead’.

In fact, the participation of mangaka is also clearly seen in the freedom of history to recover old characters from the series, something that has happened quite a lot in recent films. If you want to know which pirates, marines and agents of the World Government appear in One Piece Film Red keep reading, but not before prepare for spoilers.

Straw Hat Gang

‘One Piece Film Red’.

Obviously, it is no surprise that the undisputed protagonists of one piecethe entire Straw Hat gang: Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook and also, Jimbethe nakama most recent, since this film could be placed in an indeterminate moment between the sagas of Whole Cake and Wano.


Due to what happens in the film, the Navy is part of the plot, some with a more important role and others as simple appearances, as is the case of Sakazuki, better known as Akainuadmiral of the headquarters fleet.

Coby and Helmeppo in 'One Piece Film Red'.
Coby and Helmeppo in ‘One Piece Film Red’.

Those who do intervene more actively are Coby and Helmeppo, which are of great importance. And the Vice Admiral also appears Momonga and the admirals Kizaru and Fujitora.

world government

Major officials of the World Government star in some scenes, as is the case of the Gorosei (the Five Elders), who are accompanied by Rob LucciCP0 agent.

In the same way, the old CP9 that Luffy’s gang already faced also makes an appearance, as is the case with kalifawho makes a one-off cameo, and Bluenowhich has more relevance in the plot.

El Gorosei and Rob Lucci in 'One Piece Film Red'.
El Gorosei and Rob Lucci in ‘One Piece Film Red’.

And, although he is not actually a member of the World Government, but he does have its direct protection, he also has some scene saint charlesone of the World Nobles (Heavenly Dragons or tenryubito) most hated of the series.

Big Mom Pirates

Not only organizations are relevant in One Piece Film Red, also the most insubordinate and dangerous pirates. Starting with the band yonko Big Mom, which the protagonists faced very recently in the series. In fact, the empress herself has an appearance, from her castle in Whole Cake, along with some of her children: Perospero, Smoothie, Daifuku, Amande, Nusstorte, Citron, Cinnamon, Galette and Flampe.

Brulee and Oven in 'One Piece Film Red'.
Brulee and Oven in ‘One Piece Film Red’.

But, more importantly, three more sons can also be seen in action: Oven, Brulee and Katakuri.

Red Hair Pirates

As the synopsis of One Piece Film RedUta is the daughter of Shanks ‘The Redhead’another of the yonko and one of the most dangerous and respected pirates of this era. For this reason, the appearance of his entire band could not be missed.

Fans will be able to experience Shanks and his most famous crew like never before: Benn Beckann, Yasopp and Lucky Roux. But also of the rest of its members: Mushroom, Bonk Punch, Monster, Limejuice, Building Snake, Howling Gab and Rockstar.

Shanks in 'One Piece Film Red'.
Shanks in ‘One Piece Film Red’.

And, although briefly, it can also be seen in a flash back a Makinothe waitress who served them at Foosha Village, where they met Luffy.

other pirates

Nor could the protagonists miss some of the most beloved allies: Bartholomew, a staunch fan of the band and captain of the second ship of the Straw Hats’ Grand Fleet; Y Trafalgar Lawwho is accompanied by Bepopolar bear of the mink race that is part of his crew.

Bepo and Law in 'One Piece Film Red'.
Bepo and Law in ‘One Piece Film Red’.

new characters

Not only are well-known characters who are part of the plot of One Piece Film Red, there are also some new ones. Starting by uta, one of the great protagonists of the plot. she is too Gordonguardian of the singer and former king of Elegia, the country in which the concert is held.

Eiichiro Oda also created a new gang for this film, the Medusa Pirates, a crew that tries to spread evil, even if they are not the most powerful. In addition to its captain, Eboshiand two other members, Hanagasa and Kaginotethe group has more buccaneers.

Uta and Luffy in 'One Piece Film Red'.
Uta and Luffy in ‘One Piece Film Red’.

And finally, one of the most relevant creations in the film is all music, a character? that takes on great importance in the end and of which it is better not to reveal anything so as not to gut the plot.