Who are the 4 gods of One Piece? This theory may have solved the mystery

A theory explains who the 4 gods of One Piece could be.

One theory seems to explain who the carriers of the Devil Fruits of the 4 Void Century Gods are.

It is well known that One Piece is one of the most popular anime, as well as one of the longest. This anime tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who begins a journey to fulfill his dream of becoming the King of the pirates.

There are some pretty impressive things in this series, like the devil fruits, which are fruits that grant powers to the people who carry and ingest them. Also, another rather surprising thing is the existence of 4 gods in this series: God of the Sun, God of Rain, God of the Forest and God of the Earth.

Although in the anime it is not explicitly stated who these four gods are, a theory seems to explain who each title belongs to. Below we will tell you all the details about it.

The 4 Gods of One Piece

During the Skypiea arc it was shown that In the Empty Century there were 4 gods who controlled the world, and to which people went to ask for help and protection. of the four gods, It is known that Nika (Sun God of the Void Century) took the form of a Devil Fruit, which is carried by Luffy..

We know this thanks to the revelation of the “Hito Hito no Mi” from Luffy. It is because of that we could conclude that Luffy is the Sun God of the New Age in One Piece. Although this partly solves our doubts, we still have the unknown of: Who are the other 3 Gods?

God of the sun


As explained above, It was thanks to the Devil Fruit that Luffy carries that it was possible to know that he was the God of the Sun. Luffy managed to wake up the “Hito Hito not My Model: Sun God Nika” after seemingly dying at the end of his battle with Kaido.

Luffy was able to discover that his powers were actually due to the Devil Fruit, also discovering that turns out to be the incarnation of the Sun God. This Fruit grants Luffy incredible abilities, allowing him to access the full range of powers by entering Gear 5.

While this revelation is quite startling, Little is known about what Luffy is actually capable of with this fruit’s powers.. According to the World Government, this fruit grants the most ridiculous powers and the user’s body takes on rubber-like properties.

That explains why Luffy is able to stretch and expand to great proportions.and also why even his body has become immune to electricity.

God of rain

Monkey D Dragon

The person who is most likely to be the Rain God, coincidentally is Luffy’s father: Monkey D. Dragon. Very little is known about this character, other than that he is the leader of the Revolutionary Army and the most wanted criminal in one piece. Even knowing so little about him, he is regarded as the person most likely to be the wielder of the Rain God Devil Fruit.

As with Dragon, there is very little information about the Rain God of the Void Century, in addition to being listed with other gods. If the Sun God was real, it’s quite likely that the Rain God is, too.

The reason why Dragon is believed to be the God of Rain is because almost every time this has appeared in the animeespecially when you perform any kind of deliberate action, the weather in the area turns stormy, with rain, high winds and lightning. It used to be believed that it was because he possessed a Devil Fruit related to weather or wind, but the theory that he carries the Devil Fruit of the Rain God sounds much more logical.

God of the Forest

Aramaki (Ryokugyu)

In this case, the character thought to be the Forest God is Admiral Ryokugyu. Although he is one of the “newer” characters, so to speak, in the history of One Piece, the reveal of his face and powers lets us see that it is quite likely that it is the God of the Forest of the New Age of One Piece.

Unlike Dragon, whose candidacy is based almost entirely on speculation, Ryogukyu has a significant amount of fairly reasonable evidence that support the theory.

Navy Admiral Aramaki, better known as Ryokugyu was introduced to the series in the country of Wanowhen he invaded it so he could capture Luffy for Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (Akainu).

ryokugyu has claimed that he uses a Logia-type Devil Fruit called “Mori Mori no Mi” (Wood-Wood Fruit), which allows you to control, create and become plant life. He has proven to be powerful enough to defeat the remnants of the Beast Pirates and even what is left of the 9 Scabbards, with only Yamato and Momonosuke having the power to hurt him.

In addition to the aforementioned powers, he was also seen capable of bind roots to his enemies, sapping their strength and life into himselfwhich turns out to be quite a unique power.

Although Ryokugyu claimed that his fruit was Logia-type, there’s no need to believe it.. Before he could awaken the fruit from him, Luffy believed that he was carrying a “Gomu Gomu no Mi” (Rubber-Rubber Fruit), Paramecia type. Thanks to this it was revealed that Zoan-type fruits have some will of their own.

Considering this, it’s likely that Ryokugyu’s fruit is doing the same thing as Luffy’s, hiding her true identity until her wearer manages to wake her up, through whatever process of awakening a Devil Fruit. It is also possible that his Fruit is a Logia type, but That power to suck the life out of his enemies is highly suspicious. enough to be spawned by a Logia-type Devil Fruit.

God of the earth

Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)

Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)

Last but not least, the character who is likely to be the Earth God is Blackbeard. Starting with her original Devil Fruit, the “Yami Yami no Mi”Blackbeard is very similar to Luffy in how the powers they received don’t always fit their specific type.

Unlike most Logia types, Blackbeard cannot turn into his element to avoid attacks or use special techniques. He takes more damage from attacks due to his fruit than he would without it, making him a unique Logia-type.

Another rather curious fact is that Blackbeard is able to nullify the powers of the Devil Fruitswhich, as with Luffy and Ryokugyu, is quite strange considering the type of Fruit they carry.

However, the fact that his behavior is out of the ordinary, does not necessarily imply that Blackbeard ate the Earth God’s fruitbut it definitely makes it much more likely.

Another factor to take into account is Blackbeard’s powers.which allow him to manipulate gravity at will, use his darkness to move things closer or further away, and disable other people’s Devil Fruit powers just by touching them.

without a doubt this theory is quite convincing once we break down each of the points that explain why these characters are likely to be the wielders of the Devil Fruits of the Void Century Gods.