Who are the Eleven Supernovae of One Piece

The One Piece universe is considered one of the most extensive of all anime, and within its episodes they are immersed quite powerful beings.

Many of them surpass in power the protagonists of the anime, among them we can mention some of the most powerful of the entire One Piece saga: The Eleven Supernovae. These beings are a special group of pirates, which reached the Sabaody Archipelago with a reward of 100 million berries.

These are the most popular characters in One Piece

Likewise, the 11 members belong to 9 different crews, and with the passage of time they have become more powerful and dangerous, both in the “Grand Line” as in the “The new World”. If you want to know more about The Eleven Supernovae, who are they and what are their skills in One Piece, do not detach yourself from your screen.

These are the Eleven Supernovae ranked by their power

Below, you can see a brief description of each pirate belonging to The Eleven Supernovae from One Piece and the estimated price in barries for its catch.


One of the first members of Supernovae is Killer, better known as “Slaughter Soldier”. It is a fearsome member of the Kid Pirates. Present a reward of 200 million berries after the two-year time jump. Thus becoming the most feared in the Sabaody archipelago.

Killer, “Slaughter Soldier”

Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney Before the time jump I had a reward of 140 million berries, and even though it is the Captain of the Bonney Pirates your current reward is unknown. This pirate has the devil fruit type Paramecia, which allows you to manipulate their age as well as manipulate the age of third parties just by touching them.

Jewelry Bonney one piece

Jewelry Bonney, captain of the Bonney Pirates

Scratchmen Apoo

One of the most mysterious characters in The Supernovae is Scratchmen Apoo, is he Captain of the Pirates in the Air, your reward is quite high (around 350 million) after the time jump.

The Devil Fruit that this character presents is that of Apoo, which is capable of manipulating music at will to hurt others, and much of its power could be seen when hit Navy Admiral Kizaru in the Sabaody Archipelago

Scratchmen Apoo one piece

Scratchmen Apoo, captain of the Pirates in the Air

Basil Hawkins

One of Kaido’s crew is Basil Hawkins, who is he captain of the Hawkins Pirates and his head is priced at 320 million berries. Much of its power comes from Devil Fruit known as Wara Wara no Mi, which allows you to manipulate and create straw at your will.

Basil Hawkins

Basil Hawkins, captain of the Hawkins Pirates

Basil Hawkins has his position won in Los Supernovas since he was able to face Roronoa Zoro in Wano and he was able to defend himself quite well, his whereabouts are currently unknown, many assure that he is dead.

Capone Bege

The Captain of the Fire Tank Pirates is Capone Bege, is one of the fighters more strong and powerful, so much so that he fought against the big mom’s crew. This pirate’s reward exceeds 350 million berries. One of the feats of Capone Bege is having defended himself from Yonko Big Mom and, of course, get out of this confrontation alive.

Capone Bege one piece

Capone Bege, captain of the Fire Tank Pirates


X-Drake is a Marine undercover that leads the SWORD unit, currently serves as one of the 6 main ringleaders of Kaido’s poster. Thanks to the Devil fruit that he ingested, he is able to transform into an Allosaurus. Drake is currently considered one of the strongest in Wano, capable of face sanji and leave with minimal injuries.

X-Drake, an undercover Marine

X-Drake, an undercover Marine

Roronoa Zoro

Without a doubt, the best one piece swordsman is Roronoa Zoro, who due to his training and years of experience has become a fierce pirate, able to battle the strongest without hesitation. Zoro does not have any Devil fruit, and this precisely makes him the strongest compared to the others.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro, the most powerful swordsman in One Piece


Urouge better known as “Mad Monk” is he Fallen Monk captain, after the time jump Urouge had become very powerful, so much so that he could defeat one of Big Mom’s four commanders. Its reward is currently unknown but it is estimated that it exceeds the 200 million berries.

Urouge one piece

Urouge, Captain of Fallen Monk

Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law is he Captain of the Heart Pirates, is considered one of the strongest pirates of the Worst generation. Present a reward of 500 million berries for his head, and possesses the power of the fruit Ope Ope no Mi, many describe it as the ultimate devil fruit.

Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law, captain of the Heart Pirates

This character could defend with great ease from Doflamingo For a long time. In Wano, despite being defeated it is believed that he could matar a Basil Hawkins, which shows how strong he has become over time.

Eustass Kid

One of the fiercest characters in Los Once Supernova de One Piece is Eustass Kid, whose head with the leap of time has come to be worth 470 million berries. It has the Devil Fruit type Paramecia, which grants the magnetism ability.

Its power is very little explored, however, it is known that it could injure one of Big Mom’s commanders and has shown on different occasions to be on par with the luffy’s power.

Eustass Kid

Eustass Kid, one of the most powerful characters in One Piece

Monkey D Luffy

The most powerful character so far belonging to Los Once Supernova de One Piece is he Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates: Monkey D Luffy. And despite the fact that many of Luffy’s exploits have gone unrecognized, he has earned the position and respect from everyone, both on and off the sea.

Monkey D Luffy one piece

Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates

His training with Rayleigh has greatly increased his power, which has allowed him acabar a Doflamingo e incluso a Katakuri. And as if that were not enough, he has escaped numerous times from the big mon garras, making your head worth 1.5 billion berries.

A One Piece fan has created a map of his entire universe, and it is more faithful than you imagine!

As you will see, these are The Eleven Supernovae of the most popular pirate saga in history. If you liked this article, do not hesitate to take a look at the most popular characters in One Piece.

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