Who is the current Toki Toki No Mi user?

Kozuki Toki, née Amatsuki, was the wife of Kuri’s daimyo, Kozuki Oden, and the mother of Momonosuke and Hiyori. She ate the Toki Toki no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to send herself and others to the past. The question many are asking is: Since Toki is dead, what happened to her Devil Fruit?

We’ve already seen two Devil Fruits from Oden’s flashback return to the world. The Bari Bari no Mi and the Mane Mane no Mi both ended up in the hands of strangers in Wano. Given this trend and the fact that we haven’t seen the Devil Fruit used in the current Wano timeline, we suspect the same is true for the Toki Toki no Mi.

Good Clay

It may have been eaten by someone we haven’t met yet. But if not? What if someone we know well got hold of it and that person’s Devil Fruit ability hadn’t been revealed yet?


We also know Devil Fruits can be awakened. What would an awakened Toki Toki no Mi look like? Many of us believe that it would give its user the ability to go back in time. But going back in time is not possible. Toki said it herself, and that would break the story. When time travel is done poorly in a story, it becomes overpowered and can create big plot holes that the author struggles to fix. If so, then an awakened Toki Toki no Mi should allow its user to manipulate time in ways other than backwards. We’re only speculating, but we think the ability to stop time or slow it down/speed it up for yourself meets these criteria.. So who is the best candidate to possess this power? We think it’s Shanks!


For over a decade now, people have been speculating that Shanks has some kind of spatio-temporal ability. The fact that he appeared in War at the Summit right after his clash with Kaido, his stealthy infiltration of Pangea Castle in Mary Geoise, and the likelihood of him being the father of Makino’s child in Foosha Village in East Blue indicate that he possesses an ability that allows him to travel very quickly.