Who is the first Pirate King?

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His history

Noland lived 400 years ago in the One Piece timeline and was an Admiral of the Kingdom of Luvneel. He made many Grand Line expeditions and even explored the New World. At the time, it was impossible to return physically and mentally unscathed from a single Grand Line expedition. However, this man left several times and returned with all his crew. Noland was incredibly strong, he was able to kill a Sea King on his own.

He was even able to kill Kashigami, with a single swing of his sword. What Zoro and Wiper failed to do with Nola.

Montblanc noland manga

He even managed to stay conscious and alive and one-handedly move a landmass that was trapping him in a crack.

Noland Montblanc manga

So he was strong, his strength could be enough in the current era to claim the title of Pirate King, like the Supernovas or maybe even a Yonko why not.

The first Pirate King?

For someone to be declared the Pirate King they must arrive on Laugh Tale. Before Roger, this island was a legend and it still is today. We believe that Noland may have arrived on Laugh Tale or very close to it, it is known that when he returned from his travels he used to talk about his crazy adventures.

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But after he failed to reach Jaya for the second time, his king sentenced him to death and all his adventures were considered a lie because the king said so. In Noland’s story, the king is portrayed as a valiant warrior and Noland as a hopeless fool.

montblanc execution

Wherever there was an evil “god” or evil, Noland had already arrived on this island and left his mark. When Luffy came to Skypea there was God Enel, in Noland’s time there were Kashigami, he and Luffy defeated them. On Dressrosa we had Doffy who captured the tontatas, Noland 400 years ago fought people with the same intentions. We therefore believed that he left his mark on Raftel where Luffy had to fight Blackbeard. Otherwise, why would Oda show us Noland again on Dressrosa where there was a plot similar to Skypiea.

He inspired Roger

His story is very similar to that of Francisco de Orellana a Spanish conquistador who claimed to have found El Dorado the city of gold. Many thought it was a lie, but others believed it and looked for it, and many still look for it today. So we believed there were people who kept looking into One Piece as well. Also, Noland’s surname is Mont-Blanc, you see, Mont-Blanc is considered to be the one that inspired the practice of modern mountaineering or rock climbing. Thus, the inspiration of Noland (Francisco de Orellana) and his family name gave birth to new adventures and we believe that his story and his adventures inspired many people to take to the open sea, because they had nothing to to lose.
Imagine a child reading the story of Noland, he would be intrigued by it and we think that Roger was inspired too, he who was a child. We thought we had proof of this in the previous image:

one piece manga

Can you see the boy with the straw hat? We thought the boy in the picture is an allusion to this, but it’s not Roger because the image is from 400 years ago, so he could be a former owner of the straw hat. So whether Noland talked about Laugh Tale or just his adventures, he ignited a little spark in kid Roger who wanted to explore the sea.