Who or what are the Seraphim?

One Piece Chapter 1059 Was A Bombshell Of New Information, as it saw the return of many fan-favorite characters. The Hancock sisters, Rayleigh, KobyShakky, and the Blackbeard Pirates reappeared after disappearing from history for a while.

This chapter also saw the beginnings of the terrifying new deployable weapon of the world government: the Seraph. An upgraded version of the Pacifistas, who were modeled after former Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma and endowed with the ability to shoot light beams like Admiral Kizaru, Seraphim are an overall upgrade. When the Pacifistas first appeared in the “Sabaody Archipelago” arc, the Straw Hats struggled to take down a single one, only succeeding after two years of training. Seraphs, on the other hand, are much more powerful than previous models, capable of destroying huge parts of an island in a single attack.

Two Seraphim were shown in the chapter, and like the Pacifistas before them, they appear to be modeled after the Shichibukai. A Seraph resembling Dracule Mihawk was shown carving out a huge chunk of the mountain on Amazon Lily, where most of the chapter takes place. The other Seraph on the island looks exactly like Amazon Lily’s Empress Boa Hancock. Perhaps most interestingly, these Seraphim have the bodies of a new race of people introduced in the Wano arc: the Lunaria.

The Lunaria were a race of moon worshipers who lived on the Red Line, and they were equated with gods at the time of their existence. They have the unique ability to produce and emit flames for terrifying attack power, but also defensive abilities. Their resilience is unmatched, as shown by Zoro’s fight against King, the last living Lunaria. Lunarias are distinguished by the flames they carry on their backs, but they also have white hair, dark skin, and black wings. While it is unknown why they possess these characteristics, it is known that all Lunarias possess them, and therefore, so do Seraphim.

seraph and blackbeard manga

The Lunarias were probably chosen as a “base” by the World Government to build the Seraphim because of their attack power and resistance. Through an unknown process, they were able to make them immensely powerful, much like the Shichibukai, which their appearance reflects. After the “Dressrosa” arc exposed the corruption of the Grand Corsairs to the world, the World Government abolished the Shichibukai system, sending dozens of warships to hunt them down. However, there now appear to be reasons that go beyond exposing corruption.

With the Seraph, the World Government essentially has the Shichibukai under its complete control; perfect soldiers who will do whatever they say. Even though they are only imitations of the real ones, the power the Seraphim have shown so far proves that they will be a formidable obstacle to anyone who crosses their path.