Who was Joy Boy in One Piece? This is all we know about the ‘legend’ of the Void Century

I will not tire of repeating it. one piece is a manganime who, despite having been active for 25 years and finding himself in his final saga, keep introducing mysteries as if there was no tomorrow. One of the most interesting and that gives rise to great theories among fans is the one that deals with joy boythat “legendary” figure who lived in the Void Century and who seems to have colossal importance in the lore of the work.

Those of us who follow the manga already know much more information especially everything related to Joy Boy, since during the Onigashima War juicy information was revealed about his legacy and the meaning of his name. Next I will expose all important details about “this character”so if you only follow the anime you should be careful with the SPOILERS.

What is that about Joy Boy?

  • The first time we heard the name of joy boy was at the end of the Fishman Island arcwhere Robin discovered a poneglyph that contained a message from someone with that name😁
  • Apparently this individual made a promise with the inhabitants of the place related to taking the Noah to the mainland thanks to the power of Poseidon, but unfortunately he could not fulfill it for some unknown reason🀝❌
  • The big surprise came when on Onigashima it was revealed that Joy Boy would not be a single person, but would be “a title that can be inherited“❗❗❗
  • Zuneshathe great Zou elephant that has been roaming for hundreds of years, would have been companion to the original Joy Boybut when he heard the drums of liberation, he soon assured that his friend had returned (referring to Luffy in his Gear 5 mode)❓❗

Why is it so important within the lore?

joy boy was a figure that seems to have been key in the Empty Century for several reasons:

  • Despite having broken his promise to the fish-man, he apologized through a Poneglyph and he swore that in the future he would return and he would honor his word πŸ€βœ…
  • When Gold D. Roger came to Laugh Tale ran into a story and a treasure (which for us remains mysterious) that Joy Boy left there 800 years agoand the crew of the King of Pirates had enough to laugh when they found out his whole story 🀣🀣
  • Zunesha assured that Luffy was Joy Boy as soon as he activated the Awakening of his devil fruit, which grants him the powers of Nika the Sun God, a divine figure from centuries ago; the key was the sounds that his heart emitted: the drums of liberationπŸ’–πŸ₯πŸŒž

My conclusions

one piece

Taking all these data into account, I believe that, indeed, Joy Boy is a kind of title that you can inherit by consuming the Hito Hito no Mi: Nika model (the Gomu Gomu no Mi). When Luffy Awakened he managed to “inherit” the powers and will of all the previous Joy Boys, so I hope that in the future he will fulfill the promise of the Fishmen.

Then there is the issue of his relationship with Nika, the Warrior of Liberation. It is said that this legend fought to free all the slaves who asked him for help, and if we think about it for a moment, Luffy could end up facing the Tenryuubito and freeing all those who are in his service.. It would be his fate as heir to Joy Boy.

What do you think of all this?

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