Why did the One Piece World Government give Luffy such a high price?

It seems that we will soon see the awakening of Luffy’s devil fruit

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1041, “Komurasaki”, by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in Spanish at Manga Plus by Shueisha.

After the conflict in Wano Country escalated, we got one of the most interesting updates about the world’s most wanted pirates: Monkey D. Luffy had surpassed Kaido as the number one pirate. While this is going on, the Skull Dome where this pair was fighting is only a few minutes away from colliding with the city. This put a time limit on the end of the match, but not content to leave it there, Oda has thrown another wrench in the works. There is the revelation that the Five Elders of the World Government have beaten up Luffy, and that the CP0 is ordered to kill him immediately.

In One Piece 1041, we saw how the leader of the CP0 was ordered to stand between these two Emperor-level threats, an action tantamount to suicide. Despite his protests, this elite agent is informed that he will comply with the order to avoid “the worst possible scenario”.


But, many have noted the likelihood that the order actually came from the Five Elders, from the true leader of the World Government, Imu. In One Piece Chapter 908, Imu was asked by the Five Elders which “light” the leader wished to be “removed from history”, and Imu grabbed images of various characters from the series, including Luffy. Two chapters before that, we saw Imu holding Luffy’s wanted poster in front of Marijoa’s sacred treasure: a giant straw hat. Luffy’s connection to Marijoa’s treasure remains a mystery, but based on these scenes, it is likely related to why Imu ordered the Straw Hat captain to be attacked.

There is also the possibility that Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu no Mi is more important than initially assumed. In One Piece Chapter 1018, the former CP9 member Who’s Who revealed that he was assigned by the World Government to protect the fruit before it was stolen by Shanks’ crew, so Who’s Who was severely punished when this occurred. This implied that the fruit was of vital importance to the World Government..

Later in One Piece Chapter 1037, the Five Elders talked about a mysterious Devil Fruit that they fear will awaken. A fruit given a different name by the World Government, apparently to cover up its true nature. While the details are kept deliberately vague, it’s possible that the fruit in question is the Gomu-Gomu fruit, which would give reason enough for this hit on the mugiwara. doOda is preparing us for the imminent awakening of Luffy’s devil fruit.?

One Piece 1041 Luffy

Whatever the reason, it’s enough that the World Government apparently doesn’t trust Kaido, the strongest creature in the world, to finish the job for them and defeat the Straw Hat Pirate. His doubt is not unfounded, Luffy has managed to hold his own against the King of Beasts, even when the rest of the world considered his odds to be insurmountable.

Goku faces the fight against the most powerful warrior in the Dragon Ball universe

Luffy’s consequences in One Piece

In any case, the blow to Luffy is likely to have huge ramifications for the series in the future of One Piece. The World Government has long been positioned as the final villains of the series, and with this move, have started a direct conflict with Luffy that will last until the climax of the series.

It also means that the Straw Hat Pirates will be forced to flee after the events of Wano.. Typically, One Piece arcs end with the protagonists celebrating their victory alongside the locals, and while it’s certainly reasonable for the “Country of Wano” arc to do the same, our protagonists will have to keep the spree short if they want to continue. integers.

luffy one piece 1041

Wano’s own arc already provided a ton of developments for the series to move forward, but the World Government’s coup against Luffy could be the biggest to date. It’s a move that will ripple throughout the rest of the series, and whatever the motive behind it, it’s sure to be one of the biggest reveals in One Piece history.

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