Why is Usopp the GOAT of One Piece?

In One Piece, there are many debates about who is the strongest. Roger or Garp? Whitebeard or Kaido? Akainu or Aokiji? Luffy or Blackbeard? What if the answer is not among one of these characters? What if the answer was right in front of us all along? What if the answer concerned the real hero of this manga: Usopp? What if this intro included way too many questions? So here are nine arguments as solid as the Zoro’s Armament Hakiwhich prove that Captain Usopp is the best.

#9. Usopp easily defeated Jango the Hypnotist

With his high bounty of 9 million berries, Jango is the only character from the first saga to have beaten Luffy (the so-called “hero” of this manga) and twice, please. With his hypnosis and moonwalk, he could have defeated all of the East Blue Pirates. Luckily, Usopp came by and got it. one-shot easily. This feat alone makes him the boss of the game.

#8. Usopp easily surpassed Smack, number 4 of the Arlong crew

OK, there, like that, it doesn’t seem crazy at all, but in reality it was done with ketchup and a bottle of alcohol. No devil fruit, no saber belonging to a deceased best friend, just cooking equipment and top acting. It’s not Usopp, it’s Mr. Usopp, actually.


#7. Usopp is the only one to see the Klabautermann

As a reminder, the Klabautermann is the physical manifestation of the soul of a boat. Usopp is, along with Luffy, the only one to have seen the Klabautermann from Vogue Merry. And if we assume that Luffy is the future Pirate King, then Usopp is surely on the next level. In fact, he even rebelled against his own captain in order to save the Merry. This act is clearly worthy of the greatest.

#6. Usopp knows Sogeking

There are many theories floating around the web about the true identity of the mysterious Sniper King, revealed in the Enies Lobby arc. Mine is that Usopp and Sogeking are one. But since I have no proof, I figure that to have such ties to Sogeking, Usopp must be pretty damn powerful.


#5. Usopp effortlessly stuffed Perona, the character who soloed the entire crew

As a reminder, in Thriller Bark, Perona, lieutenant of the Moria crew, effortlessly crushed Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Franky, the supposed “strongest” of the crew. During this fight, Usopp showed an iron mind as well as a strength allowing him to lift 10 tons. Clearly, Usopp stands at the top of the food chain and it’s time for everyone to recognize that.

#4. Usopp is nicknamed “God Usopp”

Nobody in One Piece does not bear this title. Nobody else. Enel had proclaimed himself God so it didn’t count, and then he lived on a cloud, so it has no value. Usopp, he was offered this title by a whole people as well as by the greatest villain of the manga until this day. He was borne in triumph for saving all of Dressrosa, and Doflamingo made him his greatest threat. What more do you need to convince yourself?


#3. Usopp is the future captain of the Giants crew

Dorry, Brogy, Oimo and Karshee. As the adventure progresses, Usopp surrounds himself with more and more giants. Knowing Oda, it is almost certain that Usopp will one day lead the crew of the greatest beings in the world, making him the great Captain Usopp. Logic.

#2. God Usopp? Rather Go D. Usopp

As Gold Roger was revealed as Gol D. Roger, God Usopp is set to become Go D. Usopp shortly, which would make him the ultimate being. Thus carrying the will of the D, it is he who will free the world, reveal the truth about the forgotten century and find the One Piece.

#1. Usopp, member of the legendary septet

What is the legendary septet? Well, these are the seven most underrated characters in One Piece who turn out to be D’s as well as real plagues:
Con D. Oriano, Major Inspector of the Navy;
Gastino D. Gangster, César Clown’s alternate identity;
Foxy D. Silver Fox, pirate with temporal power destroyers;
Down D. Stairs, the only non-human character to beat Zoro’s friend;
Baggy D. Clown, Sea Emperor;
Ask D. Question, the man who really started the wave of piracy;
And Go D. Usopp, number 1.

Seven characters that we wrongly forget, when they are clearly the 4th power. Their mutual confrontations should end One Piece in the best possible way.


That’s it for my argument. From now on, it is no longer necessary to ask yourself who is the strongest between thing and gadget, because in the end, at the top stands one man and only one: Usopp.