Why is “World’s Strongest Swordsman” a higher title than Yonko?

If we pay attention to the intricacies of the manga, even before the time jump, the title of the strongest swordsman in the world has always been placed on a higher pedestal than that of emperor of the seas and Chapter 1058 reinforced this idea in multiple ways.

To set the stage, we need to go to Chapter 1033 – There are only two confirmed royal ambitions: The Pirate King and the World’s Strongest Swordsman.

zoro and king

This is not the first time that the titles of Mihawk and Roger have been put together. In one of the very first chapters of the manga, Zoro’s ambitions and of Luffy are described in the chapter title.

luffy and zoro

It should also be noted that Zoro replaced his competition with Luffy against Kuma when Zoro told Kuma that he would one day become the strongest swordsman in the world. This is surely a sufficient replacement, that is, the head of the strongest swordsman in the world is enough to consider sparing the head of the Pirate King. Sanji made up some nonsense about most of the issues, because finding all blue is obviously worthless to anyone but Sanji and a few other bosses.


“You have such ambition”: Says Mihawk’s war companion and in reality theDragon’s former right hand man. And obviously, Kuma is ready to take the lead from Zoro.

We now know how the title of strongest swordsman in the world is perceived by a shichibukai compared to the title of pirate king. A title holder whose prestige is equal to that of Pirate King.

It is only fair that we also examine how a great corsair, or in this case the Old World, perceives Yonko’s title compared to the title of King of the Pirates.


In hindsight, this may seem like a simple criticism of Jinbe towards Big Mom, but it’s deeper than that, because that’s where we’re coming from. The title of emperor obviously has value, as does the rank of admiral, or that of grand corsair. But he doesn’t enjoy the same level of respect as the title of World’s Strongest Swordsman.

Remember, we’re only talking about the title in this case, not necessarily the title holder, because Whitebeard is obviously much more than just an emperor, he’s essentially the king of an era.

White beard

But chapter 1058 shows that the title of best swordsman is worth more than Yonko’s, in fact so much more that despite the fact that best swordsman in the world is supposed to work under an emperor, that’s what we are told says: The appropriate bounty for the Emperor and Captain of Mihawk is 3.19 billion. The appropriate bounty for the strongest swordsman in the world is 3.6 billion.

premium mihawk and baggy

So, World’s Strongest Swordsman not only receives the accolade of Royal Ambition, an equal office to Pirate King, but Brannew bluntly tells us that World’s Strongest Swordsman is worth more than ‘an emperor.

You also have to understand the technicalities – An Emperor has to be Emperor for several years, do crazy things, have a bit of a crazy pedigree like the Rocks Pirates crew, a crazy strong crew and then the title has value.

If we consider that Blackbeard can become emperor from 2,247,000,000 berriesthe minimum value of an emperor is extremely low.

premium black beard

This isn’t necessarily to say that Mihawk is above all emperors, that’s a topic for the future, as there’s someone like Whitebeard who is obviously a far greater entity than the he average emperor, he is essentially the king of an era and certainly the worthy rival of the pirate king, not to mention the strongest man in the world at his peak.

But why would a man who is the strongest swordsman in the world, a title that is of royal ambition, want to obtain the title of mere emperor?