Why Luffy defeating Kaido creates a dilemma for the story?

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Luffy’s victory over Kaidō was one of the biggest milestones in his pirate career. She officially made him one of the Four Emperors and established him as one of the strongest living characters in the world of One Piece. However, this created a problem for the storytelling.

Now that Luffy is powerful enough to beat the strongest creature in the world, it’s unreasonable to believe that anyone below that level could put him in danger. A similar problem will probably affect the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates now that they are an Emperor level crew. Suddenly, all of the villains that fans have been looking forward to seeing return no longer seem capable of a decent fight. Unless Luffy and his friends go up against the small handful of people who can still reasonably challenge them, any fights they take on should be tension-free.

Can anyone still challenge the Straw Hats?

The first big victims of this narrative dilemma were Rob Lucci and CP0. As soon as it was confirmed that they were the main antagonists of the Egghead arc, many fans were eager to see a rematch between Lucci and Luffy. At the same time, however, many of them were certain that this would be an easy win for the Straw Hat captain, unlike last time around when it was one of the most intense fights in the series. Rightly or wrongly, this same issue will likely arise for Crocodile, the Dethroned Emperors, and all the other enemies of the past who are set to make a comeback.

This problem also applies to potential future adversaries. This includes Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law, the rest of the Worst Generation, Edward Weevil, and anyone who might appear in future story arcs. Now that Luffy is the strongest new creature, he is expected to dominate just about anyone who gets in his way.

The only remaining groups that seem to pose a threat to Luffy and his crew are the Blackbeard Pirates, the Shanks Pirates and the World Government. And again, it’s only because the leaders of these groups are candidates to be Luffy’s last opponent in the series. Therefore, unless Luffy fights Blackbeard, Shanks, or Admiral Sakazuki, most fans doubt he’s in trouble. Likewise, the rest of the Straw Hats should have no problem unless they’re fighting people from one of these three groups.

Will there be tough opponents in the Egghead arc?


The best chance to give the Egghead arc high stakes is Admiral Kizaru approaching. Everyone agrees that an admiral should be able to give an emperor a hard time, although it is very difficult for him. Luffy may be Emperor now, but he just got that title and he hasn’t defeated an Admiral yet. The results of this fight should be a bit more nebulous.

From there, the rest of the Straw Hats should have their hands full with CP0. If Lucci is strong enough to keep up with a Gear Five Luffy, he should also be able to give at least one of his commanders a hard time. The rest of the Straw Hats should have their hands full with the other CP0 agents and Seraphim currently answering to them. As it stands, these are the best matches the arc has to offer.

As to whether the Straw Hats are actually in danger, it’s hard to say. The fact that Luffy defeated an enemy as powerful as Kaidō so early in the story made him and the Straw Hats nearly invincible. They’ll likely emerge victorious from Egghead, but it would have been helpful to at least give the impression that they’ll have to struggle to get there.