Why Luffy Hasn’t Peaked Yet!

So during the fight against Kaido, when Luffy unlocked Gear 5, he believed he had finally reached his peak. This obviously does not mean that he does not have the opportunity to develop yet, because he must be able to use his abilities to their maximum potential.

However, this refers to the fact that “Gear 5” is the highest form he will be able to achieve. At first glance, this appears to be the case. He has had his awakening, and has finally reached what he believes to be his final limit. But there is a key phrase in all of this. It’s “What He Believes”……

We noticed something interesting while reading Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3. The title reads “Luffy’s peak, the ability to turn imagination into reality.” However, just below, here is what was interesting…. “Luffy was convinced he had finally reached the peak of his abilities when he discovered his ‘Nika’ form…. »

For now, Luffy is convinced that he has reached the peak of his abilities.. This is where his mindset lies. We all know that Luffy’s fighting style has always been based on using his imagination. So what happens if Luffy encounters an enemy (which will happen) at the end of the series, that his current character can’t beat? The Nika fruit gives him the ability to turn his imagination into reality. He will be forced to reevaluate his own strength and try to reach new heights. It is there that its final “form”, or rather its “peak”, will finally be reached. We believe this is where Oda is coming from. Luffy is not finished. Right now he is capped because of his own belief, but in the near future he will break that cap, because he will be forced into it by a force that he cannot overcome in his current state.