Why should Sabo be the only one to beat Akainu?

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2022 has been a particularly auspicious year for One Piece. The “Wano” arc ended with flying colors, the Gear 5 has been officially revealed and even the anime hits an all-time high in quality. Based on recent events, it seems One Piece is preparing for the final showdown between the World Government and the Straw Hats, a battle that will hold great significance for Monkey D. Luffy.

Since the magma hand of theAdmiral Sakazuki brutally killed Portgas D. Ace At the end of the “Marineford” arc, One Piece fans are waiting for Ace’s brother Luffy and Admiral Sakazuki to face off. However, there is another person who has as much, if not more, reason to avenge Ace: his other brother Sabo.

Who is Sabo?

Introduced into the story only after Ace’s death, Sabo was almost meant to replace his late brother. As a noble child of the Kingdom of Goa, he saw with his own eyes the horror of the ruling class and began to hate his lineage and family to the point of fleeing to Gray Terminal, forcing his parents to believe him dead. Coincidentally, this made it very similar to Acewho also hated his father and the burden of being his son.

Thanks to their mutual understanding and their shared dream of becoming pirates, the two became very close friends and then accomplices on the island, alongside Luffy, who later joined them. The three men became so close that they exchanged cups of sake, thus becoming brothers.

At some point, Sabo is apprehended by a group known as the Bluejam Pirates and brought back to his father. Returning home, Sabo learns the horrible truth: the nobles plan to burn down all of Gray Terminal, including everyone who lives there. In an effort to save his brothers, he tried to convince the other inhabitants of the Kingdom of Goa to stop, but he realized that they were all corrupt and rotten to the core.

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Sabo managed to reach the gates leading to Gray Terminal, but only after it was set on fire. After shouting for Ace and Luffy to escape, he encountered Monkey D. Dragon, who was moved by Sabo’s hatred of the ruling class of the Kingdom of Goa. After the incident, Sabo tried to flee the island in a ship, but it was shot down and sunk by a Celestial Dragon who felt insulted by another ship sailing at the same time. moment so close to him. Fortunately, he was found by the revolutionary army and brought back with them.

Although he lost almost all of his memories after the incident, including those of Ace and Luffy, Sabo thrived in the Revolutionary Army, becoming its chief of staff and the organization’s second in command, as well as a master of Haki. It took a long time for him and Luffy to reunite, but it finally does in the “Dressrosa” arc. Not only did they have a heartwarming reunion, but Sabo also managed to acquire the Mera Mera no Mi, inheriting both Ace’s powers and his responsibility to protect their younger brother.

Why Sabo and not Luffy?

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After being brought back to the show, his character was portrayed as a protective big brother, like Ace was, and he even had his fire powers. All of this falls under the concept of “inherited will”, an essential theme in the One Piece universe, where a character inherits the dreams and even the ambitions of another character who has already died. However, in Sabo’s case, it was much more intense.

Ace and Sabo have always been described as alike, even when they were young children. They were both sons who hated their father and dreamed of leaving their native island in order to completely escape his shadow, and they were even the same age. They were also both quite strong, able to fight adults and beat them in fights, as well as giant beasts. Although Ace was portrayed as the stronger of the two, it was still only by a slight margin when they were young, implying that they were equal in all areas that matter. Growing up, their respective strengths were recognized by all, with Ace becoming second in command of the Whitebeard Pirates and Sabo the Revolutionary Army’s Chief of Staff.

After joining the Revolutionary Army, Sabo got little hints of his forgotten past from time to time, but it wasn’t until he read the news article detailing Ace’s death as well as Ace’s actions. Luffy in the war that his memory returned in full, and with it, the trauma of losing his brother. By Sabo’s own admission, he believes it was Ace’s spirit that forced his lost memories back so Sabo could get the better of him and keep Luffy safe, which was also, by coincidence, Ace’s purpose and promise to Luffy after they believed Sabo had perished.


During the “Dressrosa” arc, Sabo managed to acquire Ace’s Devil Fruit., taking the concept of inheriting his late brother’s will (and powers in this case) even further, and he used them to protect Luffy from the hands of a Navy Admiral and Jesus Burgess, much like Ace. He even asked the rest of Luffy’s crew to protect his brother, using the exact same words as Ace when he asked them the same.

While Luffy was an eyewitness to Ace’s murder at the hands of Akainu, Sabo practically experienced a rebirth thanks to this murder. He gained a new sense of purpose by protecting his younger brother as Ace promised he would himself, and even Ace’s extremely powerful fire abilities which thematically would allow for a more powerful confrontation and poetically to avenge his late brother.

Ace died because his fire was no hotter than Akainu’s magma, making it impossible to protect Ace’s fire. As a man with inherited will and power, Sabo is in the perfect position to rectify Ace’s worst defeat., avenging his brother on multiple levels better than even Luffy could. Since his introduction, Akainu has shown specific hatred towards Dragon as well as Luffy, giving Sabo even more reason to fight the current Fleet Admiral.

Since returning, Sabo has been consistently positioned to be the one to fight Akainu. Not only would this be a Devil Fruit rematch, but it would also be the culmination of his entire character arc. For Sabo to face the man who is primarily responsible for bringing back his memories, albeit at the cost of his own brother’s life, would be incredibly appropriate and satisfying. Akainu will also go after Dragon and Luffy in particular, and as the Revolutionary Army’s second-in-command and older brother, Sabo has a duty to protect them from him. Although his current fate is unknown afterIm destroyed the island they were onit wouldn’t be surprising if Sabo made a triumphant return, just like he did before.