Will Kaido lose? This we know from One Piece chapter 1048


It seems that this chapter will be one of the best of the entire saga.

One Piece chapter 1048 could finally end the long fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Kaido. In fact, the previews we’ve seen show us that the outcome of this fight could be quite predictable. For now, we know that Luffy will not defeat Kaido that easily.

In One Piece Chapter 1048, the fight will continue even after the gigantic blow is connected. Oda himself has said that Luffy versus Kaido can’t finish with simple blows, our villain is too strong for that. So what exactly has Oda-sensei planned here?

If you don’t want spoilers for this great story, we tell you that the official pages of this chapter will be available at MangaPlus by Shueisha on May 8, 2022the delay that the serialization will have is due to the Golden Week, a week of holidays in Japan.

One of the first previews of the chapter 1048 of One Piece concerns Orochi, a villain due to less after Kaido lopped off his head. According to the leaks, he could finally end his existence. Meanwhile, Onigashima is already perilously close to the flower capital. And it’s Momosuke’s job to keep him from falling. However, the clouds of flames don’t stop, so Yamato encourages Momo to keep going.

Memories of the past come back to this old samurai. 20 years ago, in the burning castle, Lady Toki encouraged her son to take the leap. Young Momo wanted his mother to come but it was not possible. With a tearful goodbye, she was gone. All he had left was the promise he had made to her.

In the present, Momo realizes that she is failing the memory of her mother.. And the boy will never ever embarrass her. He will find a way to deal with this problem. One Piece 1048 might show him that he can produce the clouds of flame again. At this point, we think we know what’s coming: Because of the lanterns, there’s light in the sky. The people of the flower capital will see a gigantic island looming above them.

The island will start to fall. Just when the town gives up all hope of survival, that’s when Momo will manage to stand firm; that’s when his fighting spirit will intensify and save the capital.

Luffy vs Kaido the final fight in One Piece 1048

One Piece chapter 1048 shows how Kaido still persists against Luffy in his dragon-human hybrid form. this villain, tells Luffy that devil fruit abilities alone would not be enough for him to win and gives the example of Roger, who became the Pirate King without any known devil fruit power. Kaido goes on to say that Haki was the most powerful of them all.

In the final panel, Luffy is shown with a giant fist (even bigger than the fist he hit Bullet with), about to crush all Onigashima and thus reduce all traces of it. The big fist could be a reference to the giant sword at Onigashima that required a huge hand to wield. Luffy has increased the size of his fist and is ready to punch Kaido.


we all know that Luffy defeats his opponents with the final blow., and for this fight, this is already a fact. However, no one can predict whether or not he will make use of the Giant Sword. Also, Kaido wishes to have a death like Whitebeard, but Luffy hasn’t eliminated any of his opponents this way. So who will kill Kaido?

Several fans have speculated that if Luffy manages to defeat Kaido, will immediately face Blackbeard, who had already headed to Ognioshima. If this is indeed the case, Oda Sensei has established Blackbeard as the main antagonist of Luffy’s next arc. Also, as we mentioned before, in One Piece Chapter 1048, Momonosuke will overcome his fear and his limits and use his ability to move Onigashima with his own floating clouds. This could be one of the most convulsive episodes of the entire saga.

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