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In last week’s episode 1012, we finally see the start of Tobi Roppo’s fights. If you’re like me, you watch One Piece anime episodes between manga break weeks, and things get really juicy.

The episode adapts manga chapter 998where the Flying 6 are revealed in their Zoan Devil Fruit animal forms.

As Jinbe takes on Who’s Who and Franky battles Sasaki, our boy Sanji gets caught in the web of a certain alluring arachnid. Black Maria, whose Zoan animal form is a gigantic prehistoric spider, lures Sanji into a trap.

Of course, Vinsmoke Sanji should be able to escape Black Maria and defeat her… right? Wrong.

This page contains One Piece spoilers.

Sanji does not defeat Black Maria. Not because he’s losing to her, but because he’s not fighting her at all. Sanji had sworn never to harm women, and no matter how good her spider form was, Black Maria was still a woman.

Although he was tortured and ridiculed by Black Maria, Sanji chooses not to attack or defend.and stay true to character.

A lot of people hate Sanji for being part of Black Maria. But the way I see it, Sanji sticking to his core values ​​is a sign of his strength. He chose not to retaliate as a matter of principle – he has my respect for that.

On the other hand, it would have been amazing to see Black Maria defeated by Sanji. Especially because she was so sure he wouldn’t. Black Maria and Kaido knew that Sanji would never attack a woman, which is why she traps him in the first place.

Sanji could have developed a way to escape his clutches in a way that would guarantee Black Maria’s defeat without him attacking her head-on. But of course Oda had other plans..

Black Maria was never meant to be Sanji’s last opponent in the Land of Wa arc.

Who will be Sanji’s opponent in Wano?

Sanji’s opponent in Wano will be Queen.

Sanji, being the third strongest member of the Straw Hat Pirates, will face Queen, the third strongest member of the Beasts Pirates.

sanji | Source: IMDb

Of course, since Luffy will face Kaido and Zoro will face Kaido’s right-hand commander, King, the second Calamity – Queen – is the perfect opponent for Sanji.

But if Sanji doesn’t defeat Black Maria, who will?

Who will defeat Black Maria?

Black Maria will be beaten by Nico Robin.

Black Maria and Kaido’s main plan was to capture Sanji and use him as bait to trap Nico Robin. Robin is the only one who can decode the Poneglyphsand Black Maria wants Robin to read the poneglyph to Kaido so he can locate the ancient weapon, Pluto.

Black Maria has one of her subordinates, Sarahebi, pretending to be sexually harassed to get Sanji to come and save her.

Black Maria is sadistic and ruthless – she physically and mentally tortures Sanji, teasing him that she would forever keep him as her little pet. She humiliates him say things like:

“Black-leg is the laughingstock of all Onigashima!” And he’s supposed to get bounty number two? That tells you a lot about the level of your small crew!”

One Piece: Will Sanji defeat Black Maria and escape his web?

Black Mary | Source: IMDb

The anime’s pacing has been shifted slightly, but we can expect to see the full showdown between Black Maria and Sanji in the next episode.

We will also see how Black Maria already knew that Robin would come to free Sanji – she installs cobwebs in the two corridors leading to the banquet hall. She also has her subordinates, armed with tranquilizer guns, placed in strategic locations to ensure that Robin can be seized.

Corn before anyone can come save him, Sanji does something no one expected him to do: he yells at Robin to come save him.

Why Sanji isn’t weak for not fighting Black Maria:

That’s why I don’t understand when people dismiss Sanji for “losing” to Black Maria. His chivalry is taken advantage of and he is brutally punished for it. The guy literally sticks to his code of honor despite being laughed at and put down.

He asks a female, his friend, his nakama, to come and help him. It takes a real man to ask for help.

It’s not like when Nami took over Sanji’s fight against Khalifa, back in Enies Lobby. Black Maria is roasting Sanji figuratively and literally, and even in the face of death, instead of breaking or fighting back, he calls Robin for help.

Sanji avoiding his fight with Black Maria doesn’t make him weak.

It’s One Piece – it’s not just a generic fighting manga with simple power scaling. things like the will, the resolution and the morality weigh and mark more than the simple force.

We already know that Sanji is capable of defeating Black Maria if he wants – but Sanji is a guy who will risk his own life saving (or feeding) his enemies.

It’s just who Sanji is, it’s his role in the franchise. To be the good, powerful guy who just refuses to fight with guns and get his hands on women.

Sanji calling Robin for help is a big moment. This not only proves Sanji’s character, but also his relationship and trust in Nico Robin..

He relies entirely on Robin to save him, which is very touching. Robin, on the other hand, finally gets her moment to shine. Sanji asking her to help him is a sign of the Straw Hats’ faith in her.

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One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997.

The man who had acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The last words he spoke at the tower of execution were “My treasures? If you want it, I’ll let you. To look for; I left everything there. Those words sent many out to sea, chasing their dreams, heading to the Grand Line, in search of One Piece. Thus began a new era!

Seeking to be the world’s greatest pirate, young Monkey D. Luffy also heads to the Grand Line in search of One Piece. Joining him along the way is his diverse crew, consisting of a swordsman, sniper, navigator, cook, medic, archaeologist, and cyborg -shipwright, it will be a memorable adventure.

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