Will the anime of Dragon Ball Super in 2023 affect One Piece? Twitter loses its mind

Dragon Ball Super“He seems to be more than ready to return to the world of anime in 2023. Will he do it with the arcs of Moro and Granolah that we have yet to see from the manga? He paints that before that we will have an anime only streaming that absolutely NO ONE knows what it’s going to be yet. So far so good, things that insiders have begun to leak, of which we have no confirmation, but which seem very likely. The bad? That people on Twitter have started making up all sorts of things regarding “One Piece”.

No, Dragon Ball Super’s Anime Return Won’t Hurt One Piece

To clarify what I am talking about, I am going to tell you what has been happening in recent days on Twitter:

  • I saw it at the time: spanku put a series of cryptic emojis in a tweet and more than one began to interpret what he wanted, being what he wanted that the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime was going to take away animators and money (production) from the One Piece anime. ❗
  • Is this true? absolutely not. In a new video from Geekdom101discussing AnimeAjay’s leak about the Dragon Ball Super web anime, he himself comments that he has no idea where the One Piece thing started to come from. Not only does he deny it, but he also does it. AnimeAjay. ❗
  • Why has it started to be talked about so much that the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime is going to negatively affect the One Piece anime? I literally haven’t seen a single Dragon Ball leaker say anything even remotely similar. Moreover, from what I have seen, I am convinced that it has been the people of Twitter who have invented and made a ball of lies, because nothing else, but I have already seen MANY times how on Twitter people draw conclusions from anything and begin to spread them as contrasted realities. ❌

What seemed most unlikely to me about this whole situation is that Geekdom101 has commented that, apparently, many Twitter users have started to recriminate people like Spanku or DBSChronicles who did not give correct information. In fact, I got to see Spanku bursting on Twitter complaining about users, and with every reason in the world. The subject of leaks is very complex and volatile, and if it is already unofficial information, the last thing to do is take your own conclusions for granted. But anyway, it’s the nature of Twitter: use something while it works for you and kick it when you feel like it.